Summer’s finally here! And it’s the best time for yogis to get together and enjoy all the gifts that yoga has to offer. To inspire you, and help you keep up with your yoga practice in the hot weather, we have compiled a list of 41 amazing yoga events taking place in Seattle just for you!

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JULY, 2019

8 limbs yoga - This Life Of Mine
8 Limbs yoga-logo

About this Event: Take an evening to reflect on your values, memories, and life experiences through a chakra-based yoga practice. Anne Phyfe will offer simple yoga postures that bring awareness to the seven chakras with pauses to self-reflect or fill out prompts from her book This Life of Mine: A Legacy Journal. All levels welcome. Please wear yoga clothing, and bring a journal and/or copy of the book and a writing instrument.

Dates & Time: Jul. 15th & Sep. 26th @7:15pm – 8:45pm

Instructor: Anne Phyfe Palmer

Cost: $40

Connect A Bipoc Gathering with Donte Quinine - aya yoga oasis
Aya Yoga Oasis Burien

About this Event:  A monthly gathering for black, indigenous, and people of color to connect in the spirit of our shared humanity, delight in our shared joy, and support one another through our shared struggle. This group is led by Donte Quinine a yoga instructor and professor of intercultural communication studies. Donte will guide students through light movement, meditation, and conversation to help awaken and heal collective minds, bodies, and spirits.
Each gathering is donation-based and 25% of all donations go to Real Rent Duwamish to support the Duwamish Tribal Services. Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.

Multiple Dates Available Starting from Jul. 15th

Instructor: Donte Quinine

Cost: By Donation

FERN A Womxns Gathering with Carrie Johnson- Aya Yoga Oasis
Aya Yoga Oasis Burien

About this Event: Learn how to thrive even in tough environments through the support of other womxn during this monthly gathering at Aya Yoga Oasis. Facilitator Carrie Johnson will help you learn how to harness your inner feminine strength as she leads the group through the ceremonial opening ritual, meditation and intention setting, journaling session or creative activity, a group discussion, and the ceremonial closing ritual.
Tea will be provided. Please bring your a journal and any item you would like to contribute to the group altar.
Space is limited to 12 people. Aya Yoga Oasis members receive 10% off of this workshop and 1 scholarship is available for each session.

Dates & Time: Jul. 16th & Aug. 13th @8pm – 9:30pm

Instructor: Carrie Johnson

Cost: $27

About this Event: Experience a unique yoga combining Korean martial arts, energy principles, and brain education to create more health, happiness and peace in your life.
Who: All Levels Yoga classes. Ages is 8-80*
Where: Cross Martial Arts Academy and also live-streamed online. Simply tune into the FB personal page of Anna Sun Choi at 11am.
Cost: Suggested donation for in person class $5-$15 or pay what you can, no one is turned away. Free online.
Wear loose fitting clothes and an open mind! If doing at home be sure you are on padded surface or carpet.
*Modified moves for beginners and advanced student.
Ready to integrate your brain with your body? By relearning how to feel your body’s energy, recover your body’s natural healing. Based on the Tao, this also includes jigam training.

Date & Time: Jul. 16th @11am – 12pm

Instructor: Anna S. Choi

Cost: By Donation

8 Limbs yoga-logo

About this Event:

 July 19   @6:30pm-8pm: Living the Eight Limbs of Purna Yoga-Lecture
The Limbs of yoga prescribe a system, developed and tested through millenia — for the discovery and emergence of our true selves. They begin with ethical precepts (yama and niyama, then build on the awakening of the body (asana) and breath (pranayama).  By practicing asana with awareness, as we free the body, we progressively master and free the mind as well.  This process of reclaiming our inner selves continues in the more advanced limbs of Yoga: pratyahara (sense-withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and ultimately, samadhi (communion with the Self).

July 20  @9am-12:00pm: Sweat & Glow – A Purna Yoga Practice to Detox & Enliven The Body
The beauty of the Purna Yoga Power Series is the smooth, flowing movements coordinated with the breath with a thoughtfully arranged set of poses designed to cultivate external strength and internal power.  The Series will require intense focus and a willingness to grow and change.  The Series will help remove blockages both internally and externally.  Prepare to work deeply and rest deeply afterwards.

July 20  @12:30pm-3:30pm: Wrists and Carpal Tunnel Problems Be Gone
It is no surprise that the American Medical Association recognizes yoga as a resolution for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  In this class you will learn the underlying causes of arm and wrist pain, starting from the spine all the way to the fingertips.  Discover sequences for opening the shoulders, elbows, and wrists, as well as Aadil’s unique methodology for strengthening these three joints.

July 21 @12:30pm-3:30pm: Twists and Shavasana in Purna Yoga
Done correctly, twists cultivate shaktiand channel the upward flow of energy. In Purna Yoga, twists are used to release emotional blockages in the body and free tension in the intervertebral muscles along the spine. Twists help liberate the body so that the energy that is dormant in the pelvis can rise to the heart.  Aadil will teach how to twist from the root upward, from simple twists to deep ones. Then with all your emotions cleansed you will do a deep and powerful Shavasana based on the five senses.

Dates: Jul. 19th – Jul. 20th

Instructor: Aadil Palkhivala

Cost: $25–$275

Yin Yoga 50 hr. Training with Leah Adams Sangha Yoga Seattle
Hauteyoga Queen Anne

About this Event: Join Leah Adams one Friday each month for a special, 90-minute class that is ideal for anyone craving a healing and soothing experience. Each session will give you tools that you can take with you off the mat and into your daily life.
You can expect a nurturing yin yoga practice, calming breath work, and to leave with at least one fun fact about the how we can use body mechanics to cultivate a sense of calm.

Multiple Dates Available

Instructor: Leah Adams

Cost: $30

Yoga Nidra- Whole Life Yoga Greenwood
Whole life yoga logo

About this Event: Yoga Nidra is a method of guided relaxation that has a profound effect on the body, mind, and emotions. During the practice, you will lie in a comfortable position where you can remain awake and relaxed. You will be guided through various stages of deeper relaxation as you focus your attention inward.
During Yoga Nidra, you will enter the state between wakefulness and dreaming – a state which we usually only experience as we nod off to sleep. The effect on the mind can be very powerful, because as the mind becomes more relaxed, it also becomes more receptive.
This practice can aid in memory retention, reduce stress, and enhance both your intuition and creativity. It can help you to solve problems, rejuvenate your body and mind, and enhance and balance your energy.
Each Nidra session begins with 20 minutes of gentle movement to prepare the body, mind, and heart for the deeper states of meditative practice.

Multiple Dates Available

Instructor: Julie Miller

Cost: $18

Foam Rolling Workshop with Sarah Fletcher-Spira Power Yoga

About this Event: ROLL OUT using the foam roller in this fun, fascia-loving workshop! Beginning with a short level 1 Vinyasa Practice, this workshop will specialize in helping you get to know your foam roller through loosening tight connective tissues and muscles in favor of increasing flexibility and reducing pain and tension. Sore, tight muscles? This workshop is for YOU.

Dates & Time: Jul. 19th & Jul. 26th @6pm – 8pm

Instructor: Sarah Fletcher

Cost: $40–$45

Low and Slow Workshop- Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Safe and informed asana practice requires careful attention to cuing and the cultivation of interoceptive awareness within the student. In this workshop, Robin will guide teachers on how to slow down practice and take students into an educational experience of functional movement, utilizing adaptive asana coordinated with breath.
This focused and mindful process deepens practice for all levels of practitioners, as it allows time for internal assessment, assimilation, and refinement. It also uniquely builds confidence in students with limited ROM or who are working through areas of chronic pain and need practices that stabilize and strengthen without creating joint strain. Robin brings her expertise, accrued over 30 years of working as a yoga therapist and training teachers in the art of adaptation, to share with the SYA community.

Date & Time: Jul. 20th @1pm – 8pm

Instructor: Robin Rothenberg

Cost: $140–$165

Monthly Extended Practice-whole lif yoga
Whole life yoga logo

About this Event: The physical postures of yoga, known as asana, are powerful and centering, creating many benefits to those who practice regularly in both mind and body. But did you know they are only 1/8th of the story? There are many more tools available that offer profound results to those who wish to learn them. Come experience and deepen your understanding of the other 7 limbs of yoga through this new extended practices!
Class will involve the typical 75 minutes of asana, followed by 45 minutes of pranayama (breath work), mantra practice, and prompts for self-reflection and meditation. Additionally, excerpts from the yoga sutras, an ancient text that contains mystical and practical wisdom on yoga’s 8 limbs, may be incorporated to deepen self-reflection and intention for practice. This class offers the opportunity to go beyond asana and launch oneself into a deeper relationship with the body, breath, mind, and the higher self.

Dates & Time: Jul. 20th & Aug. 17th @2pm – 4pm

Instructor: Julia Fay

Cost: $25

family yoga with Rae Lowe yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this EventThis is a fun family yoga class intended for kids ages 5-12 and their adult(s). Spend time with your kids and be a family that explores yoga together! During this class you’ll have lots of movement, learn about yoga poses & even explore how quiet & stillness can be healthy. Discover the how your body and breath move together, and practice a few methods of bringing calm and relaxation into your day.

Date & Time: Jul. 21st @1:30pm – 2:30pm

Instructor: Rae Lowe

Cost: $20

Yoga Nidra with Mitchell Green-Sangha Yoga Seattle

About this Event: Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep brings us into a deep state of consciousness that goes beyond the sleep state to a higher state of awareness. In this healing state, we can access our higher knowledge within, and let go of mental processing, where we are frequently judging and evaluating the external world. Yoga Nidra gives the ability to access a state of consciousness that helps us understand who we are and allow our true nature to shine. This class will begin with a cooling and slow movement practice and then transition into the Yoga Nidra guidance, laying still for up to 40 minutes.
What to wear and bring: comfortable clothing, maybe a blanket, and eye pillow if you have one.
A portion of the proceeds will go to Simple and Just – a local boutique supporting exploited woman

Date & Time: Jul. 21st @6pm – 7:15pm

Instructor: Mitchell Green

Cost: $25

The Radiance of Life a Kundalini Evening-Guru Gayatri

About this Event: Join Master Teacher Guru Singh for an inspiring and uplifting Workshop.
This event is a fundraiser for Guru Gayatri Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Center, a non-profit Washington State organization ($45 Suggested Pre-Registration Donation Price).
According to the ancient teachings of Kundalini yoga — Ease, Joy, Knowing and Liberation — are the four qualities of human life…physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When Yogi Bhajan said that, “Happiness is your birthright” he referred to these foundational qualities. He also said that these are “unreasonable qualities” and therefore they cannot be argued with…there’s no reason that will disrupt their presence.  This class will deliver this attitude.
The word yoga means union. Yoga practice creates a bridge between our physical reality and the spiritual realm. Kundalini Yoga—the “yoga of awareness”—uses this connection to awaken human consciousness to its highest potential.
Embark upon a joy-filled, inspiring, enlightened, and stimulating journey of Kundalini Yoga with master teacher Guru Singh. Learn to use the ancient technologies of Kundalini Yoga to align body, mind, and spirit, accessing a pathway to long-lasting joy, ease, peace, and calm. By consistently practicing yoga asanas and kriyas, conscious breath, meditations, and chanting, we can reach this transformed state of consciousness.

Date & Time: Jul. 22nd @6:30pm

Instructor: Guru Singh

Cost: By Donation

Beneficial Sound - Wayne Marto - 1

About this Event: Join Wayne Marto on a transformative journey of healing and deep relaxation, as you bathe every cell of the body in therapeutic sound and vibration. The gong acoustically elevates you, creating a deep spontaneous meditative state that restores harmony and vitality to the mind, body and soul, leaving you feeling tuned, refreshed and connected with your intuitive personal power.

Multiple Dates Available

Instructor: Wayne Marto

Cost: $20-$25

Yoga Satura Class - Sound Yoga

About this Event: Ever wonder how Yoga has stood the test of time and is so popular today?  It is because the Yoga Sutras, Yoga’s foundational text, contains all teachings of Yoga. These ancient strategies and tools, designed to help with life’s challenges, are as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago.
As we explore and discuss selected Sutras and their many layers of meaning, we will discover practical answers to the questions: What is the mind? Why do we suffer? And, what steps can we take to reduce this suffering?

In this enlightening workshop you will:
Chant the Sutras in Sanskrit
Discuss their meanings and applications to your everyday life
Learn to incorporate the Sutras into your Yoga practice

Where did yoga come from? What is the philosophy behind the practice of yoga? What are the eight limbs of yoga? Find the answers to these and many more questions through presentation and discussion of the principles that guide our yoga practice.
This class is appropriate for both new and experienced students. All workshops with Chris Dormaier are eligible for CEUs. Class is held at SoundYoga.

Date & Time: Jul. 23rd @2pm – 4pm

Instructor: Chris Dormaier

Cost: $25

Beneficial Sound - Wayne Marto - 2

Relax and Renew with an evening of restorative Yoga and an extended Gong Bath Meditation.The gong will be continuously played during the Yoga poses and breath work, and the combination of restorative Yoga and the Gongs will do wonders for you physically and emotionally. The pure, penetrating sound waves of the gong cleanse the subconscious and awaken the listener to a transcendent state of awareness.

Date & Time: Jul. 26th @7:30pm – 9:30pm

Instructor: Wayne Marto

Cost: $30-$35

Sound Bath - 8 Limbs Yoga
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event:  Join Megan each month for an evening of relaxation. These unique events are perfect for anyone looking for an opportunity to relax and unwind. Curious about what to expect? The evening will open with a meditation to help activate energy centers in the body and allow for a time to set intentions. Students will then be invited into a supported savasana (a reclining position with the support of yoga props), during which Megan will play crystal singing bowls to help bring them into a deeper state of relaxation and healing. This practice uses the power of sound and vibration to help the body and nervous system relax, much like a massage might do, and students often report that following a sound bath they feel clearer, calmer and sometimes report decreases in physical body pain and often a better night’s sleep.
The evening will close with a silent meditation to help bring balance to the system after the experience of so much sound and also allow time for personal reflection and exploration.

Multiple Dates Available

Instructor: Megan Sloan

Cost: $25

Aya Yoga Oasis- Calder a myofascial workshop
Aya Yoga Oasis Burien

About this Event: Calder means ‘rocky water’ which sums up the experience of a myofascial workshop. Rolling out the tissues in the body to find the tight spots of tension and release the tension using myofascial release therapy balls.
Myofascial release breaks up adhesions and scar tissue in the body, improves circulation and neuromuscular efficiency, relieves soreness and stress, improves range of motion, and corrects muscle imbalance.
This workshop is ideal for all people, regardless of fitness level, who wish to learn a new technique for dealing with muscle tension, fatigue, or tightness.

Date & Time: Jul. 27th @12pm – 2pm

Instructor: Carrie Johnson

Cost: $35

Yin and bliss biomat yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: This restful class offers a luxurious experience as you rest on the warm infrared Biomat. Nina leads a gentle yin-style yoga session to calm the body, release stress and ease the mind. Your body will blissfully respond to the soothing, calming energy of the Biomat, as you derive the following additional health benefits:
-Reduced inflammation
-Diminished nervous response
-Enhanced immune system
-Deep & restful sleep
-Cellular repair
-Endocrine rebalance
Each client receives special individualized guidance for this hour of restoration & relaxation.

Multiple Dates Available

Instructor: Nina Cambern

Cost: $35

MFR R myofascial release restore - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: Stress and old compensatory patterns can leave us feeling bound up, physically drained and even in pain. Myo-fascial Release (MFR) helps mobilize and hydrate tissue while easing tension, releasing trigger points and helping unwind unhealthy patterns. Join Lara for 2 hours of head-to-toe MFR and restorative yoga to empower your body’s own self-healing nature. Lara will teach about fascia (the connective tissue of the body), explain how it can limit our range of motion as well as affect our physical well being. Using balls, she will illustrate the underlying importance of MFR in your self-care routine.
This workshop will conclude with luxurious restorative poses for an overall reset of the central nervous system. It is perfect for anyone regardless of age, yoga experience, fitness level or background. Join this event to get to know your body better, enhance your self-care and to feel better in your own body.
Yoga experience is not required.

Date & Time: Jul. 27th @1pm – 3pm

Instructor: Lara Ederer

Cost: $35–$45

Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance- Whole Life Yoga
Whole life yoga logo

About this Event: Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance is a unique empowering movement practice that combines simple dance moves and yoga. Experience original choreography that blends flowing movement and dynamic stillness.
Each Stretch and Fly Yoga Dance routine has a theme intended to evoke various expressions of our human experience. Some of these routines include: the Dance of the Warrior, Dance of the Chakras, Dance of Radiant Light and Dance of Release. Join Liziah  and experience each one!

Dates & Time: Jul. 28th & Aug. 18th @4:15pm – 5:30pm

Instructor: Liziah Richards

Cost: $18


About this Event: This enlivening workshop with Nicky Ruiz begins with mindful breathing techniques, and a refreshing Vinyasa flow to prepare the body, mind, and soul for a guided step-by-step journey of flight with the practice of five arm balancing postures and their deeper symbolic meanings.
Arm balancing poses are a fun and thrilling way to rejuvenate and deepen your asana practice while improving concentration, patience, strength, and bravery. This 2-hour practice will aspire you to build confidence, courage, core strength and endurance, both on and off the mat!

Date & Time: Jul. 27th @1pm – 3pm

Instructor: Nicky Ruiz

Cost: $40

Sangha yoga seattle- yoga lab

About this Event: Over the course of a yoga class, we move through many phases of action towards a peak pose or idea. The typical class length, while sufficient, can sometimes leave us wanting a bit more. Come try new things, build confidence and refinement, and get closer to bliss in a 90-minute yoga practice! This monthly extended practice will combine Vinyasa and Hatha approaches, providing time to delve into all the families of asana: seated, standing, forward and back bending, inversions, and supine. It will provide an opportunity to try peak poses that require strong preparation, which isn’t always available during a shorter class. This class will leave you feeling completely blissed out, energized, and grounded in your body.

Date & Time: Jul. 27th @12:00pm – 1:30pm

Instructor: Sharon Barto Gouran

Cost: $20

Yoga Gives image w St. Jude logo

About this Event: Dedicate Your Practice. Bring your mat and join Chelsea Seaman and many other amazing yoga instructors for an all day, multi-session, mini yoga festival experience benefiting the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.
When you dedicate your practice to the kids of St. Jude, you’re making a difference by furthering St. Jude’s mission: Finding cures. Saving children.® Treatments developed at St. Jude have already helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent since it opened more than 50 years ago.

Date & Time: Jul. 28th @7:30am – 4:30pm

Instructors: Chelsea Seaman and many others

Cost: $90–$185

AUGUST, 2019

Sound Bath with Megan Sloan at 8 Limbs Yoga
8 Limbs yoga-logo

About this Event: Join Megan each month for an evening of relaxation at her Monthly Sound Baths. These unique events are perfect for anyone looking for an opportunity to relax and unwind.
Curious about what to expect? The evening will open with a meditation to help activate energy centers in the body and allow for a time to set intentions. Students will then be invited into a supported savasana (a reclining position with the support of yoga props), during which Megan will play crystal singing bowls to help bring them into a deeper state of relaxation and healing. This practice uses the power of sound and vibration to help the body and nervous system relax, much like a massage might do, and students often report that following a sound bath they feel clearer, calmer and sometimes report decreases in physical body pain and often a better night’s sleep.
The evening will close with a silent meditation to help bring balance to the system after the experience of so much sound and also allow time for personal reflection and exploration.
Space is limited. Please dress comfortably, yoga clothing is not required. Bring your yoga mat or a blanket to rest on. You may also wish to bring your own eye pillow if you have one. Bolsters and blankets for covering are available in the studio.

Multiple Dates Available

Instructor: Megan Sloan

Cost: $35

Wild Skills Sup Day Camp in Everett

About this Event:  SheJumps’ Wild Skills youth events teach young girls the survival and technical skills they need for outdoor adventuring. These skills can be applied in any season or region and include first aid, navigation, leave no trace, 10 essentials, shelter building and stand up paddleboarding. SheJumps’ events encourage girls to learn new skills, take on challenges and think creatively which develops perseverance and fosters confidence.
SheJumps’ goal is to see girls learning, having fun and connecting in an encouraging environment with amazing instruction and support from female mentors. We want Wild Skills to be an experience they will remember, one that will spark a lifetime of passion for the outdoors and will remind them that they are capable of anything.
Thanks to generous support from Carve DesignsSheJumps Hydrology SUP are proud to host a day of learning Wild Skills for Snohomish County area girls ages 8-14. Girls will learn, participate and create, plus all will receive a Wild Skills journal for joining in the fun. This event is intended for ages 8-14 girls (transgender and cisgender) as well as non-binary people who identify with the women’s community.

Date & Time: Aug. 3rd @8:30am – 2pm

Organiser: SheJumps

Cost: $35

[Live Streamed] Yoga Nidra, Yoga Bliss with Tracy Hodgeman - 8 Limbs Yoga Centers
8 Limbs yoga-logo

About this Event: The monthly Yoga Nidra, Yoga Bliss workshop is a potently relaxing combination of self-massage followed by Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep). Self-massage is an empowering and effective method for decreasing chronic patterns of tension-holding in the body. Less tension = improved circulation, less pain, more oxygen, increased freedom of movement (including the life-giving movement of the breath) and a greater sense of wellbeing.
Yoga Nidra is a systematic process of deepening relaxation– an internal, meditative yoga that happens while your body is completely supported and still. It is said that one hour of Yoga Nidra is more restful than four hours of normal sleep! When we remove stressors, the body relaxes and the immune system can function more efficiently. Vitality and vibrant health are supported. We have more energy to do the things we want to do! Another key element of this practice is the combination of relaxation with Sankalpa. A Sankalpa is a positive statement or intention that invites us to transform our lives, our very beings, as we look inside and ask ourselves the question “what does my heart desire?” This is such an important question to ask, and to ask often. When coupled with relaxation, an intention can sink deep into our subconscious, where the secret to lasting sustainable change resides.

Dates & Time: Aug. 11th & Sep. 8th @12:15pm – 2pm

Instructor: Tracy Hodgeman

Cost: $35

About this Event: Sada Simran and the Guru Gayatri Sound Staff will guide you through a special evening of transformation. In the ancient texts the full moon days are considered auspicious for meditation practice.
On full moons, our magnetic fields are open for change. Come and join this special evening of raising the Kundalini with a special Full Moon Healing Ring, participants will spend extra time to resonate with multiple Gongs to complete this evening. In the month of August, we have a numerical configuration that is perfectly aligned to allow us the best possible start to align and balance.
This class will consist of Kundalini Yoga, Gong layout, and extended time creating a Full Moon Healing Ring!

Date & Time: Aug. 16th @7pm

Instructor: Sada Simran

Cost: $18

Full Moon Magic - Soulful Flow Yoga with Jasmine Rashae- sangha yoga seattle

About this Event: Join Jasmine RaShae for Full Moon Intention Setting and a Soulful Flow Yoga practice.
The full moon and the week leading up the full moon is a time to consider where you have been putting your energy, what you want to continue to cultivate and to release what is no longer serving you.
It is a time for self-reflection and to get clear about what is flowing, what you are forcing and what you need to let go of. Purging is important so that you can make space for what the Universe has in store for you.
During this workshop, Jasmine will mindfully help you set intentions to release what is no longer serving you under the full moon magic. After you set your intentions you will be immersing yourself into a 60-minute soulful flow yoga practice.
Soulful Flow Yoga (SFY) merges mindfulness, movement, and soulful music into an uplifting vinyasa class to deepen the student’s connection to their mind, body, and soul.  Jasmine RaShae shares messages from the heart for the soul through a curated setlist and intentional postures that compliment the music and messaging. Immerse yourself into the music and let your soul flow. SFY is an inclusive practice designed to make yoga accessible to all, but particularly a vision to provide exposure to yoga for communities of color.

Date & Time: Aug. 16th @7pm – 8:15pm

Instructor: Jasmine Rashae

Cost: $20

Vedic Chanting with Virginia Wise- sound yoga

About this Event: Explore simple mantras and longer chants from the Vedas of ancient India. Students will be encouraged and supported to develop Vedic chant as part of their personal practice. The classes will be personalized to meet the specific needs and desires of those attending (input will be requested from those who register). New and experienced chanters are welcome!
Virginia Wise has studied Vedic chant with Sonia Nelson, longtime student of TKV Desikachar, for more than 10 years and yoga with her and other teachers for more than 30 years. Vedic chant has been an important addition to her personal practice, a source of strength and stability through challenging times. She wants to offer others the opportunity to discover its gifts for themselves.
“To share Vedic chant is to share the experience of silence through listening, a process of healing and a link with nature, the deeper self and the divine.” -TKV Desikachar

Date & Time: Aug. 17th @10am – 12pm

Instructor: Virginia Wise

Cost: $30

Nada Wakes Seattle Yoga Arst

About this Event: Music has an uncanny ability to help us move and gently release stuck emotions. Simply lie down, relax, and listen to lighten. Let the vibrations loosen up any bound up stress, anxiety, or regret that may be weighing you down. Calm the central nervous system and allow your body to enter a state of rest and healing.
Nathan and Ada of Nada Wakes use the power of their voices embraced in harmony, instruments used in healing practices around the world, and original mantras to guide you on a special journey into the energy centers of the chakras that weave your body mind and spirit together into a holistic experience of self. Gift yourself this time and space to tune in and listen to your inner world and leave open, lightened, loving and more gracious toward yourself and those around you.
All bodies and abilities are welcome! Participants simply recline on yoga mats, bolsters, or any other props or seats. Participants can expect a special integration session after the sound journey portion of the event.

Date & Time: Aug. 17th @3pm – 6pm

Instructors: Nāda Wakes

Cost: $60–$75

PaddleFlow with Lindsay Lambert in Issaquah

About this Event: A PaddleFlow® is a combination of Yoga, pilates and stand up paddleboarding! This class takes your favorite poses & exercises & puts them on the water. Yoga, pilates & paddle boarding are great for building balance, coordination, endurance and core strength.
Class will begin on shore to go over the basic fundamentals of SUP; water safety, board anatomy, proper stroke technique, launching and progressions to standing up. The class will then safely launch onto the water to do a short warm-up paddle, anchor the boards & start to flow!
Instructor Lindsay Lambert will offer two sessions, August 25 and Sept 8 at 9am.
*This is an all level class for ages 12 & up. No SUP or yoga experience required, but participants should feel comfortable in open water (be able to tread water).

Dates & Time: Aug. 25th & Sep. 8th @9am

Instructor: Lindsay Lambert

Cost: $30–$40

About this Event: Are you ready to bust out of some old relationship habits that no longer serve you? If you’re frustrated in your relationships and not sure how to feel close, come learn how the teachings of yoga can deepen your connections to both yourself and others.
You’ll learn three simple embodied communication practices to increase intimacy and connection in any relationship. In this class, you’ll learn how to:
-communicate effectively so you can be heard
-minimize arguments so you can enjoy more harmony
-shift from distance so you feel close again

We have a wealth of intelligence and learning capacity within our bodies and when we learn to access it, we can more quickly shift out of old patterns into much greater ease and connection with ourselves and others. You’ll learn some concrete practices you can apply in your relationships right away.

Date & Time: Aug. 26th @7:30pm – 9pm

Instructor: Robyn Smith

Cost: $30–$40


Melina-Meza-workshops-Bainbridge Yoga House
bainbridge yoga house-logo

About this Event:

September 13, 2019, 6-8pm
Yin and the 5 Elements:
Yin Yoga is a powerful practice that deepens the mind-body connection. Through muscle relaxation and release of tension, breath awareness and visualizations, Yin Yoga not only inspires the circulation of life force energy (prana) throughout the body but also instills an attitude that allows you to more fully prepare for meditation. Melina will offer Yin sequences primed for the autumn season as well as offer her favorite insights into Ayurveda’s 5 Elements to support your well-being throughout the year.

September 14, 11:30am-2:30pm
Yoga and Ayurveda for Healthy Aging: If you learn to manage your prana (life essence) on a daily basis with thoughtful consideration, you’ll hopefully begin to notice a stronger, healthier and stable you! This session will cover the foundation material for understanding the heart of Yoga and Ayurveda for Healthy Aging. Melina will share her favorite asana modifications, and lifestyle routines to synchronize with the Pitta (householder) and Vata (retirement) seasons of one’s life. 

September 14, 4-6pm
Autumn Seasonal Vinyasa: Melina Meza’s Seasonal Vinyasa workshops will help you understand the unique qualities of each season and get you more aligned with nature’s rhythms. You will learn how to adapt your yoga practice, diet and general approach to life as well as how to inspire self-knowledge that allows for the conscious adjustment of day-to-day choices. Students will learn specific alignment principles to strengthen the body’s inherent tendencies toward Vata seasonal imbalances. (Lecture and asana practice)

Dates & Time: Sep. 13th – 14th @6pm

Instructor: Melina Meza

Cost: $150

Sound Bath - 8 Limbs Yoga
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About this Event: Stressed? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? As we head into the holiday season it can be easy to feel all of these things. This workshop offers an experience to reset your nervous system and help your body relax. The combination of the healing effects of the SoMat and the soothing sounds of Sound Bath will offer you a deeply rejuvenating hour, not unlike the benefits of a massage.
Using the vibrational qualities of sound, Megan will use crystal singing bowls to help release energy that is no longer needed and move you into a deeper state of healing and relaxation. Chiara will introduce the SoMat–a specially designed self-care tool crafted in Italy and finding its way to the U.S. The SoMat promotes alignment and relieves deeply-held stress as the spine decompresses, thinking slows and your nervous system settles down.

Date & Time: Sep. 20th @6:15pm – 7:30pm

Instructors: Megan Sloan & Chiara Guerrieri

Cost: $30

About this Event: The fall equinox marks the beginning of a slowing down in nature and encourages us to embrace a more internal, reflective state of being. This transitional season from late summer to early fall is represented by the element of earth, which when in balance we feel nourished, supported, centered and at ease in our bodies and our relationships. When out of balance, we may feel worried, anxious and ungrounded and this can manifest in the body/mind as compulsiveness and an inability to find a healthy balance between giving and receiving in our relationships.
In his book, ‘The Way of the Five Seasons’, John Kirkwood says “When earth energies are balanced, there is a natural recognition of the abundance the universe offers us, from the bounty and the beauty of nature, to the love and connection with others, to the simple fact of being alive.”
This practice will incorporate wisdom from Chinese medicine theory and stimulate the meridian lines associated with the stomach (how to nourish yourdelf through all that you take in) and spleen (transformation of what you take in into Qi, your vital energy and life force). This is an opportunity slow down, embrace the changing seasons and find harmony and flow in your life.

Date & Time: Sep. 20th @7pm – 8:30pm

Instructor: Nancy Lea

Cost: $35

Partner Yoga for Birth workshop with Megan Sloan - Aditi Yoga
Aditi Yoga Seattle

About this Event: A new spin on childbirth classes, this partner prenatal workshop will help you explore birth and how yoga and mindfulness can help support you and your partner through birth (and beyond!). Whether you regularly practice yoga or are curious about how yoga can benefit you during and beyond pregnancy and birth, this workshop offers you and your birth partner the opportunity to practice yoga together while also providing you both with insights and lessons on understanding breath, body and the specific needs of a birthing person.
Megan, a certified Yoga Alliance Pre/Postnatal yoga teacher with 10 years of experience working with pregnant and postpartum students, will guide you through teachings, open conversations and practices around partner massage, communication methods during and beyond birth, and yoga poses to bring you both support, strength and comfort during this special time.

Date & Time: Sep. 21st @12:30 – 2:30pm

Instructor: Megan Sloan

Cost: $45

Sound Bath - 8 Limbs Yoga
Aditi Yoga Seattle

About this Event: This workshop offers an experience to reset your nervous system and help your body relax. The combination of the healing effects of the SoMat and the soothing sounds of Sound Bath will offer you a deeply rejuvenating hour, not unlike the benefits of a massage.
Using the vibrational qualities of sound, Megan will using crystal singing bowls to help release energy that is no longer needed and move you into a deeper state of healing and relaxation. Chiara will introduce the SoMat–a specially designed self-care tool crafted in Italy and finding its way to the U.S. The SoMat promotes alignment and relieves deeply-held stress as the spine decompresses, thinking slows and your nervous system settles down.
In the midst of life’s demands, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to spend a restorative hour combining two captivating and innovative techniques that leave you feeling refreshed and renewed?

Date & Time: Sep. 21st @5:30pm – 6:45pm

Instructors: Chiara Guerrieri & Megan Sloan

Cost: $30

About this Event: According to the Tantric perspective, we are composed of 5 “sheaths” or bodies called the Koshas. Come explore this profound and enlightening paradigm that reveals the 5 layers of self: the physical body, the energetic body, the mental/emotional body, the wisdom/intuitive body, and the bliss body.
Learn ayurvedic and yogic practices that balance, heal and deepen your awareness of each of these bodies and how they influence one another. For teachers, you will also learn how to integrate these teachings into your classes to deepen your students’ understanding and experience of self.

Date & Time: Sep. 21st @1pm – 5pm

Instructor: Ellen Boyle

Cost: $80

Sacred Stillness & Sound 2019: Second Saturday Sound Baths with Restorative Yoga

About this Event: Join Nicole Bratt & Amber West for an extraordinary journey of deep relaxation and healing: a 90-minute Restorative yoga practice accompanied by an immersive crystal bowl sound bath. Come explore the sacred, energetic union of breath, body, mind, and sound during long-held, passive asana.
Restorative yoga, designed to calm your nervous system, creates an environment for you to wholly relax and space for you to be with the shifting landscape of your mind and heart. Among its benefits are improved sleep, digestion, and blood pressure, as well as lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. The sound bath creates strong, resonant vibrations that further facilitate rest, healing, and transformation on an even deeper energetic level by allowing the body and mind to release stuck patterns and blocks. The cumulative experience ultimately enhances and harmonizes your overall wellbeing.

Multiple Dates Available

Instructor: Nicole Bratt & Amber West

Cost: $30

8 Limbs yoga-logo

About this Event: Restorative Yoga practice consists of adaptations of poses fully supported by props to create a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. They balance the nervous system and facilitate healing and awareness. These poses are easily adapted for all levels and all bodies and are often used therapeutically. This workshop take into account the time of year and seasonal changes and support the body and mind in the way they experience the transitions in the yearly cycles. No yoga experience necessary, students of all levels are welcome.

Date & Time: Sep. 22nd @12:30pm – 2:30pm

Instructor: Deborah King

Cost: $45-$55

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