Perspective is everything. We’ve all heard this, but what does it actually mean? This last year taught me a lot about perspective, mostly in what perspective I see the world, and myself in it. On any given day that perspective can change, but what I found fascinating was my ability to finally lift the veil that clouded my success story; the veil that distracted me and made me feel disconnected from the world, from people and most importantly, myself.

When I was able to gain a new perspective, one that only reached from pure surrender, I transcended a kind of quick sand that plagued me from accessing my bigger success. The kind of success that isn’t all about how much money you have in the bank. The success I’m talking about is living fully in your truth and engaging your life from a place of passion and authenticity! A place that can greatly impact your life and the world.

So what do high-powered connections have to do with living your truth? Most people misunderstand what high-powered actually means. The kind of power I’m talking about is from the source – your soul. That’s the highest power, since I truly believe when my soul chose to journey into this body, its dharma, its purpose for this life was already set. And as we go about living this human life, most get distracted by the external world, thinking this outer world is going to serve us in some way. But this kind of journey usually ends in frustration, disappointment, isolation and most of the time, depression.

These are heavy times we live in. Struggle is everywhere, but it doesn’t have to be. There are four keys to living a successful life, and they all revolve around specific kinds of connections.

Lean into things in life that make you curious

Most people end up breaking down before they can break through in order to find a deep success. There is so much inner struggle while we search for our true selves, our real guides. But after we have a spiritual flat tire, that’s usually when we have an “ah-ha” moment. Flat tires are really good. That’s usually when we uncover something from within, like a road sign, and we finally begin to allow ourselves to walk into an experience that lights something in us. This is the first key to inner success. Connecting with your self on the most honest level. If I were to ask 100 people in a room, “is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have yet to do it?” I bet you at least 95 percent of people would say yes. Today, give yourself permission to explore with curiosity what that little voice in your head says, “I don’t know why, but I’ve gotta explore this feeling and put an experience to it.” Connect with these experiences. Go for it!

Determine what you really love & do that for work

Once you’ve explored a number of curiosities within yourself that really light you up, begin to do those things more often. Seek out more experiences that connect you with your inner beacon that says, “right on, this feels awesome!” Maybe you want to start writing more. Go to a local bookstore and seek out writing clubs or sign up for a creative writing class at the local community college. Our joy usually begins with this deep kind of exploration that has a “doing” element. Get out there and begin doing what you love. Eventually you will find yourself attracting situations that really feed your soul and eventually, you’ll quit your job and only do what you love. There is a way to make enough money doing what you love! There are so many examples of this on the Internet. People are sharing their stories to encourage you. The cat is finally out of the bag. It is possible to create real happiness and you do it by connecting with your belief in your ability to be happy.

Surround yourself with people who see you

When you begin to have more experiences that serve your soul, many people in your life won’t know how to handle this. A lot of fear comes up for people when they are around adventuresome souls. When they are around people going against the status quo by living their dreams, they can subconsciously rain on your parade.

I usually handle these situations with a lot of compassion and joy. Compassion, because they have yet to discover their own inner guide so they can’t relate to you finding yours. And joy, because they need to witness how powerful living in your truth can be. When you radiate your soul’s joy for being on track with your dharma, honestly, it’s infectious and maybe you’ll inspire your fearful family or friends to lean into something in their life that can start them on the self discovery journey too.

Also, as you journey into this new space within yourself, it is so important to be around people who see your soul. This sounds so high level but it isn’t. It’s a smile. It’s a knowing look. It’s an unexpected hug or offering to help you on your path of discovery. These people are reflecting an aspect of yourself that you are magnetizing into your world by the dynamic of letting your inner guide be just that, your guide.

Allow yourself to build new relationships and honor your new boldness to only do what makes you happy. I’ve done this over the course of the last two years and I have to say, it’s a process of letting go and going with an inner flow. Look up from your path and actually make eye contact with the people who are standing right next to you on this fantastical journey you’re on. Connect often with those who see you as you walk one moment at a time into a new experience of yourself.

Connect with the best version of yourself & watch your life change

Continue to explore daily who you are becoming. In the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Svadhyaya (self-study) is highlighted as one of the Niyamas that helps us observe ourselves. By inquiring within, we grow. As you study more, you grow more and connect more to the best possible version of yourself. That version is ALWAYS there, kind of like the sun is always there on the cloudiest day. We are never without our true self. If we can begin there, then we are open to the possibility that there is greatness in each and every one of us. Without doing anything, we all already have that special something within that is so unique.

Find a book or two that tugs at you and read it daily. Take notes on your journey and listen to what your writings are guiding you toward. Watch movies that ask you questions or expose you to new concepts that you must nakedly put into some perspective of viewing from within. The journey of self-study helps you remove distractions by refining your inner focus so you can see clearly and be able to acknowledge your soul. After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, right? To presuppose that we get all our learning in this lifetime is to negate all the learning we came into this life with. And when you are able to fully embody this truth, watch out! Your best version of your self will show up and your life will change in ways that gives you access to such a deep joy.

Most importantly, be in gratitude that you’ve begun to access the secret to true success. Be in gratitude for those who can see the true you and help guide you into your truth. Be grateful for the powerful connections you make that spark that something within you that ignites your passion. These are the highest connections that will deliver you into the most successful life!

[Photo by Steve Wilson – CC BY]

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