There are so many yoga festivals to choose from nowadays. Yoga is becoming integrated into music festivals (such as Bumbershoot and Coachella). There is no lack of yoga in today’s festival life. We’re faced with the decision on how to decide which events will be worth your time. Honestly, all the events are very different from one another. If you went to two Wanderlust Festivals, I bet you a million bucks you couldn’t duplicate the same experience twice, even if you tried.

One festival that comes to mind when I think of a localized community yoga event is SOUL POSE. Last year SOUL POSE came to Seattle and gathered the community of yogis outdoors underneath the Space Needle. Over 600 people attended the daylight and evening sessions and practiced an all-levels flow with LA based teacher Heather Archer.

SOUL POSE is back again this year and have heavily involved the community, including Seattle Yoga News and Yoga Panda, in their efforts to bring the Seattle yoga community back together! Michelle Thielen will be teaching the AM sessions and Kevin Ng will be teaching the PM sessions in a black light class in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

And we want YOU to come!

I’ve nailed down 5 reasons why you should attend SOUL POSE.

#1 Discover Your Community

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When I came last year, I knew absolutely no one. By the end of the event, I had met EVERYONE. The community is HUGE and you’ll be welcome with open arms! Some attendees traveled as far as 2 hours away for the event. Seeing how this event gathered yogis far and wide reaffirmed my belief that yoga and mindfulness have the ability to bring people together.

#2 Location Location Location

soul pose community yoga festival seattle

Seriously…we got to practice on the lawn underneath the Space Needle. Doesn’t get more dreamy than that! This year’s event will be in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and our smiles will be lit by black lights.

#3 Something to Look Forward to

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SOUL POSE events come to major cities annually and each month the crew traels to a different city to mobilize the yoga community. Try SOUL POSE in a different city while you’re traveling. I love that they’re going to all the major cities to spread the word about accessible yoga!

#4 Accessible Yoga

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The style of yoga taught at SOUL POSE is accessible for everyone. This year Michelle Thielen and Kevin Ng will be leading the class. Michelle is the creator and owner of YogaFaith. She is experienced in teaching, leading teacher trainings and guest teaching at various events and festivals. Kevin Ng is a local favorite! He’s taught and motivated many groups into yoga and mindfulness. He is also a Fitbit Ambassador and hosts awesome events, such as YOGACRUISE. I think we’re in good hands! If the yoga is too accessible, what we’ve learned on our mats is Svadhyaya (self-study), so feel free to take your practice up a notch! To better prepare you, they’ve also provided all attendees with a yoga mat, towel and souvenir bracelet.

#5 Black Light FUN

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This year don all your white yoga gear and come glow with us. We will flow under the black lights. Never tried a black light class before? Be ready to change your perspective, paint your bodies and feel energized with music and yoga that’s sure to make you move! Wearing neon colors is encouraged!

Hopefully these reasons were compelling enough to make you want to come to this year’s SOUL POSE event. Kevin Ng Mindfulness will be joining SOUL POSE.

Use code SYN for $5 off your tickets here.

Get ready for the HAPPIEST YOGA on this planet!

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