The Northwest Yoga Feast will be held July 22nd through the 24th, 2016 at the Eureka Institute in Sandpoint, Idaho. This 3 day yoga festival is inclusive of all yoga in the Pacific Northwest. The festival is in it’s 7th year and is growing bigger as every year passes. Formerly known as a yoga “Fest,” is now truly a “Feast” as an enhanced culinary adventure is sure to dazzle your taste buds with incredible food.

Here are 7 reasons why you should go to the Northwest Yoga Feast this year!



The Northwest Yoga Feast is proud to bring festival attendees a wealth of teachers from the Pacific Northwest. Some of the best teachers from within our community who will be teaching at the festival include Cosetta Romani, Ivo Grossi, Erika Dixon, Liz Karkula, Jennifer Isaacson, Brietta Leader and many more. To view the entire list of yoga teachers at the event, click here.



The Northwest Yoga Feast is a family affair! The festival is proud and very focused on the PNW community. All friends and family members are welcome. There will be activities for everyone which include acro-yoga, slack-lining, yoga (of course), meditation, hiking, concerts, cooking classes and many more!

Although the event strives to be as inclusive as possible, but unfortunately they cannot accommodate pets.



The food created for the Northwest Yoga Feast is an organic union of celebration and nourishment. This bountiful FEAST is made up of a varied and unique menu of delectable dishes designed to keep yoga bodies clean and strong. Food is medicine, sacred, and to be celebrated. Colin Patterson comes to the event with 20 years of experience in yoga and culinary arts.

The event also offers the Culinary Apprenticeship Program. Chef Colin Patterson leads festival goers on a culinary journey. Come learn the art of preparing, cooking and the presentation of sustainable and organic foods. This new offering is designed to give participants an overall picture of what it takes to nourish our bodies, while dazzling our taste buds and keeping our kitchen in order. Making delicious whole foods based meals is easy if you start with great ingredients.



The festival will offer musical performances by Rob and Melissa Lundsgaard – Kirtan musicians, Daniella White’s Sound Baths, Katie Trelstad on the yidaki dijerido and many more artists! Music will be playing throughout the event and some performances will accompany yoga practices.



The Northwest Yoga Feast will be held at the Eureka Center, made available by the Eureka Institute and is a private heaven on 42 pristine acres, just outside of Sandpoint, Idaho and minutes from beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.  Situated amongst the finest skiing, fishing, boating, mountain biking and hiking the Pacific Northwest has to offer, it is a place of peaceful and energetic natural beauty.  It’s not only the perfect setting for the Northwest Yoga Feast but camps, retreats, workshops, family reunions and weddings. The Center’s beautifully wooded landscape has many trails and meadows, a bountiful garden, an outdoor amphitheater with stage, a large covered outdoor picnic/gathering area, a labyrinth, a even an 18 hole disk golf course for those with a competitive spirit!

It is centrally located in the northwest approximately 9 hours from Portland, 6 hours from Seattle, 1 1/2 hours from Spokane, 4 hours from Missoula and 3 1/2 hours from Nelson BC.



Come and camp under the clear sky and stars. The tents do not only provide a place to rest, but have become a community created by the attendees seeking to be one with nature. There are also alternative lodging options that include bedrooms and bunkhouses.



This will be the 7th annual Northwest Yoga Feast. This ever growing northwest yoga community is bonding and coming together like never before. 2016 promises again an incredible and diverse group of teachers from varying backgrounds and practices from all over the Northwest, in addition to a variety of artists and musicians.

As much as this is an incredible yoga and culinary experience it remains to be most importantly about the people. An ever growing community and what is now considered the Northwest Yoga Feast family. The festival will continue to strive to provide attendees with a captivating weekend of enrichment for the body, mind, heart and spirit. Cultivating awareness in our practice and bringing positive vibrations to our ever challenged planet can only help to encourage peace, love, and freedom to all who walk its soil. The goal of this weekend long event is to inspire well-being and to build community spirit here in the Northwest.

Please join our growing family by participating in the 7th annual Northwest Yoga Feast!


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