Acrogasm comes to Seattle for it’s 5th annual run. Acrogasm is geared for experienced acrobats and acroyogis. Acrogasm draws from diverse traditions such as AcroYoga, SeattleAcro and Slacro. Lux, Chelsey and Jason are the masterminds and leaders behind the unique and challenging experience. Jason and Lux met through teacher training. Eventually Chelsey met Jason through a teacher training and got married. Together, the trio combined their unique talents and backgrounds to create Acrogasm.

The event was sold out with 98 attendees coming from all over the Pacific Northwest, Canada and California. Attendees were required to have prior partner acrobatic experience as well as encouraged to bring a partner to assist them in the practice. Attendees were then given the opportunity to learn and practice advanced partner acrobat techniques and sequencing. The trainers teach choreography for two and a half days. On the final hour of the third day, Lux, Chelsey and Jason demonstrate the entire sequence – combining all the modules into a single yet satisfying “acrogasmic” experience.

The event is very popular across country with all events being sold out thus far. The team hopes to keep it that way. When I asked how people found out about Acrogasm, Lux explained that initially the trio created videos that became popular. Soon enough, the trio built their community of acrobats and acroyogis across the US and around the world. Before letting Lux get back to teaching, I asked him what was his favorite partner acrobatic pose. Lux stated that the shoulder stand because it is a very basic posture learned early in the practice but still one of the most pleasurable poses for him. While the spine is neutral, it is supported by the bases’ arms not by the bases’ legs.

Acrogasm began their tour in Boston and moved onto Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Seattle and ending in Tasmania.

We also had an opportunity to catch up with some of the attendees get their perspective of Acrogasm.

Can you tell me what attracted you to Acrogasm?

acrogasm-caroline-johnson[su_quote cite=”Caroline Johnson”]”I moved here for school. I used to teach yoga and now I teach acroyoga down in Olympia. The practice combines lunar and solar yoga and the partner work is amazing. In Seattle, the acroyoga scene is huge. Lux, Chelsey and Jason have also been great teachers.”[/su_quote]



What’s been your favorite aspect about Acrogasm and why?
[su_quote cite=”Scott McConnell”]”My favorite part of the event is the complexity of moves, meeting new people and overall “funness.” I also enjoy pushing myself beyond what I normally do in my practice. This event is definitely not for beginners. You would usually come with partner that you trust.” [/su_quote]

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