You don’t have to go far for your next yoga retreat! Washington is composed of beautiful mountains, lakes and parks that make the Pacific Northwest such a wonderful place to live in. Add yoga to it and you have a great combination for a relaxing time to reconnect with nature and your inner self. We have partnered with many Seattle-based yoga teachers to share some of the yoga retreats they are hosting in 2019 in our own backyard right here in Washington state.
Here are 15 Amazing 2019 yoga retreats near Seattle from our yoga event calendar in chronological order just for you!

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About this Retreat: This always popular and highly rated retreat will clear away things that no longer serve you, making space for new energy and new experiences in 2019. You will leave refreshed and restored from our journey on the yoga mat and from your time in the nourishing, Northwest beauty of Port Townsend.
Class Friday evening, up to three classes Saturday (take one, two or all three), and class Sunday. Meditation, restoratives poses, balance challenges, and plenty of rest time for walking on forest trails and beaches, or exploring the charming town. Wholesome, nourishing meals, and on-campus lodging.

Dates: January 4th–6th, 2019

Instructor: Renee Kleiner

Cost: $400

Winter Yoga Retreat at IslandWood-8 Limbs yoga

About this Retreat: Tracy and Terilyn welcome you to join them for their Annual Winter Retreat, a magical weekend of nourishing yoga and deep inner exploration. This retreat will revolve around the setting of inspiring and lasting intentions as we cultivate and refine our understanding of Sankalpa.
Winter is the ideal time of year to take pause, to turn inward and reflect on what seeds of intention we’d like to germinate in the seasons ahead, while also identifying and weeding out whatever blocks new growth. How often do we find ourselves creating New Year’s resolutions only to have our best intentions thwarted by old ingrained patterns of behavior? This weekend will be dedicated to uncovering our true Sankalpa — a resolve that resonates deeply with our inner wisdom and serves our highest potential — and finding realistic and practical ways to manifest Sankalpa in daily life.

Dates: January 11th–13th, 2019

Instructors: Tracy Hodgeman & Terilyn Wyre.

Cost: $415–$800

Meditation Hike -holmanhealthconnections

About this Retreat: The theme or focus for this hiking meditation day will be “Seeing the beauty and perfection in everything.” Another way of putting it is, “nothing is wrong” (except the mind will argue this!).

Date: January 26th, 2019

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $45


Winter Chant Immersion and Yoga Retreat at Doe Bay on Orcas Island

About this Retreat: Chanting, toning, singing, and music have formed the very basis of all spiritual and religious practices throughout time. From the  pagan to the fundamentalist and every soul seeker in between, all use sound to connect to themselves and their god.
Yoga, which can be traced back as the foundation for all spiritual practices, is essentially a practice rooted in the technology of sound. Looking back at the ancient texts, Yoga is not described in terms of postures or breathing techniques or even meditation, but as a practice of mantra and sound.
This deep rooted relationship between sound and consciousness is the basis for all forms of Yoga. All authentic Yoga practices begin and end with sound: Namaste, Om, Shanti Shanti. Indeed it is through sound that the transformation of consciousness occurs, which remember, is the very purpose of yoga.
So join Joel Benjamin for an immersion into the Yoga of Sound, sonic yogis! Over the course of four days we will chant, tone, move, breath, eat great food, and chant some more, as they explore how to better harmonize with ourselves, each other, and the planet and universe. This special retreat will raise your personal vibration and reverberate in the mind and body.

Dates: February 14th-17th, 2019

Instructor: Joel Benjamin

Cost: $300

MAY 2019

2020 Yoga Meditation Retreat with Roy & Liz in Whidbey Island

About this Retreat: The theme will be Honoring the Divine Feminine energy within both women and men. We will explore feminine and yin qualities of patience, surrender, slowing down, compassion. We will practice deep connection with Mother Earth, and compassionate listening, to others as well as to ourselves, to Spirit, to the Earth.

Dates: May 10th–12th, 2019

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $395

Divination retreat 2019 Cosetta

About this Retreat: This retreat is crafted for an intimate circle of kindred souls committed to deepening their journey of Self-discovery and becoming leaders of their life. Divination is the art-practice of uncovering hidden knowledge and wisdom. In this ceremonial retreat we will access our inner divinity through many practices and rituals rooted in Shamanic and Yoga Cosmology. We will explore our connection to Nature and the ever-flowing creative energy within us. We will each craft a gourd rattle to bring home.

Dates: May 10th–12th, 2019

Instructor: Cosetta Romani

Cost: $546–$596

JUNE 2019

Yoga Retreat at The Yoga Lodge, Whidbey Island

About this Retreat: This weekend we will celebrate the brightest light of the year. More importantly, we will look at remembering and allowing our own light to shine, to tear off the protective cloaks we have used–consciously or not–to supposedly keep us “safe”. We will remind each other that we are light, beings of light, and the current shift on Earth requires that we stop hiding our greatness, power and joy.

Dates: June 21st–23rd, 2019

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $375–$395

2019 Summer Yoga Retreat, Leavenworth aham yoga

About this Retreat: What’s better than a vacation? A yoga retreat! Join Arundhati for the 5th annual yoga retreat in the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Leavenworth. Take time this summer to nourish your mind, body, and spirit at this lush weekend getaway!
Tucked away from downtown Leavenworth, we will be staying on the banks of Icicle River at the historic Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort. It’s the perfect weekend destination! Find harmony with nature as you breathe in the purifying mountain air and enjoy peaceful, grounding yoga practice daily. This takes your tadasana (Mountain pose) to new heights! Pack your bags and come along for this weekend of friendship, tranquillity, and fun!

Dates: June 28th–30th, 2019

Instructor: Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Cost: $535–$700


Olympic National Park Retreat with Roy & Liz

About this Retreat: Liz and Roy are thrilled to offer this amazing Olympic National Park adventure for the second time. Their first trip in 2018 was amazing! So much beauty. Trip includes hiking, meditations (walking and sitting), forest bathing (soak up prana from the rainforest), beach yoga, yoga in a studio (in Pt Angeles), camping, swimming and community.

Dates: August 11th–17th, 2019

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $950

Peaceful Mountain Labor Day Retreat

About this Retreat: The gift of retreat – setting aside time to replenish your spirit, re-connect with the self, and align to your yoga – is an essential component of a content practice. In this weekend retreat you will be able to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and enjoy a balance of personal time within the context of a mindful and caring yoga community. Join Douglas Ridings and Claudette Evans in this summer yoga retreat designed to foster an awakening to your inner source of compassion, strength and vitality.

Dates: August 16th–18th, 2019

Instructors: Douglas Ridings & Claudette Evans

Cost: $565–$775

Yoga Meditation Hiking Retreat

About this Retreat: This year’s retreat theme will be “Less is More”. Humanity is moving very fast, doing too much, forcing and struggling. This weekend there will be plenty of “doing”, but we will slow things down, breathe fully, and question the idea that more and faster is better or more satisfying. Perhaps, like hamsters on the wheel, we are moving faster, growing tired, and not really getting where we think we want to go.

Dates: August 30th–September 2nd, 2019

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $495


Living the Spiral pura vita

About this Retreat: Wherever you are in the spiral of your life, if you still find ways to judge it as “less than perfect,” you are denying yourself permission to be exactly who you are as you are. The enemy of the ego is unconditional acceptance, a state of no judgment, of unconditional love for all that it is and all that is not.
In this ceremonial retreat we will use ancient practices such as movement, stillness, sweat lodges, breath work, storytelling, silence, oracle journeys and art. Together, in oneness, we will spiral from one moment to the next and create a crucible for embodied intention, healing and transformation.

Dates: September 20th–22nd, 2019

Instructors: Cosetta Romani

Cost: $580-$630

Devoted yogi yoga retreat 2019

About this Retreat: Post hotel in Leavenworth is nestled on a river only a few hours east of Seattle, WA. Offering an ideal retreat setting and a gorgeous water temple experience that compliments our daily yoga perfectly.
We admit 10 women only to this rereat due to the serene nature of the location and desire for low impact on the natural elements of the spa – so please save your space asap.

Dates: September 22nd–25th, 2019

Instructors: Jenna McDonald

Cost: $350


Autumn Contemplative Retreat at the Grunewald Guild-Molly Lannon Kenny

About this Retreat: Join Molly  this fall for a special inward retreat in the breath taking mountain scenery of Eastern Washington. To learn more about the Grunewald Guild, the most special retreat community we have lived and worked in for the past 16 years.
This week long training will begin on Wednesday evening with a yoga class, dinner and orientation. The next six days will be an opportunity to connect, reflect, and to learn some of the more esoteric and profoundly transformational aspects of yoga and related contemplative and mystic traditions. Retreat ends after brunch (about 11 am) on the following Wednesday.

Dates: October 30th–November 6th, 2019

Instructor: Molly Lannon Kenny

Cost: $1315–$2265


Fall Yoga Retreat at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort-8 limbs yoga

About this Retreat: Melina and Megan invite you to join them for an unforgettable fall getaway at Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat Center nestled in the heart of Leavenworth, Washington. This luxurious weekend retreat will restore your sense of wellness and health before heading into the holidays.
While on retreat, Melina and Megan will offer a variety of classes including Seasonal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sound Baths, and morning meditations to help you feel grounded and relaxed in your journey into the autumn and winter seasons. In addition to all the unique yoga classes, you’ll get to enjoy gourmet meals created with the freshest local ingredients served buffet style in the company of other like-minded yogis. Leavenworth is a feast for the senses in November and we believe the perfect place to recharge your physical, emotional, and spiritual batteries.

Dates: November 1st–3rd, 2019

Instructors: Melina Meza & Megan Sloan

Cost: $690–$900