I almost ran out of the yoga studio after the first five minutes in Audrey’s yoga class to immediately write down what she’d just said while I was on my mat. I needed to capture her words which clearly explained how one can understand oneself to determine between one’s desires and needs. I remained pondering her words and application to my life as we continued in a powerful yoga class. Afterwards I asked her about the complex concepts she had so expertly simplified. Audrey’s eyes lit up. She again clearly explained a ‘big’ psychology topic in easily understandable and useful ways for daily living. I learn more from Audrey with every class that I take from her.

Audrey is a talented, heart-connecting yoga teacher, author and bliss coach. She teaches strong and creative vinyasa power and yin yoga. She weaves in themes that help students release the inner critic and connect with their True Self and to discover their Dharma and create their personal legacy. Audrey has worked with PGA golfers, the Miami Marlins baseball team and Fortune 500 companies. She is a legacy lululemon ambassador and the author of Blissful Bitch, a personal development book that empowers women to become whole and live in alignment with their True Selves. Audrey was gracious to answer some questions about her work and offerings to Seattle Yoga News readers.


What started you on the path of yoga?

Prior to becoming a full-time teacher, I was the founder and President of a luxury boutique real estate firm in Silicon Valley. Along with some business and financial success, I carried a lot of stress that really started to take a toll on me. I had physical pain in my neck and shoulders, daily migraines, insomnia; plus I wore boots at night for plantar fasciitis and a night cap with medicine for psoriasis! SEXY huh?…no wonder I was single!

I had taken a few power yoga classes in 2002 but decided I didn’t have the time for it and I needed harder exercises. My ego was pushing me to do more, when my Soul was whispering I should go inward. I didn’t listen and suffered for it. During my first gentle yoga class in 2010, the yoga teacher gave us a meditation exercise where we counted each breath until a thought popped into our head. Then we would go back to counting from the beginning starting at 1. I couldn’t get past 2 breaths. My mind was overly busy and I was extremely stressed. It was showing up in my body and on my medical bills. I found that yoga and meditation helped me regain my power and heal myself, relieving a great deal of physical and emotional stress. I was looking outside for healing, but it’s only when I turned inward, I became a much happier, healthier and fulfilled person.

How did you get started teaching yoga?

Practicing yoga and meditation made an incredibly positive difference in my life by helping me to unwind, balance a very hectic life and heal stress-related health problems. I initially enrolled in Yoga teacher training under an incredible teacher and mentor, Jennifer Prugh the owner of Breathe Yoga in Los Gatos, California, simply to go deeper into my own yoga practice, never really believing I would teach yoga. Jennifer’s amazingly powerful spiritual and philosophical practice drew me in, touched me deeply and inspired me. I had to look in the mirror and make a profound decision: Did I want to continue to be a hard-charging business-woman or did I want to help others live more fulfilled lives and help change the world? I decided to say goodbye to the corporate world and focus on serving others. I taught anyone who wanted to learn. I started teaching beach yoga by donation, Vino & Vinyasa in the park, yoga brunches for friends and within a few months of moving to Florida, I began teaching in studios and to private clients in Palm Beach, Florida.

How quickly did you extend in your teaching from yoga with physical asanas to incorporating self-knowledge and self development principles into your yoga teaching?

At the same time of becoming a yoga teacher, I immersed myself over the next six years to study other methodologies and philosophies that empower us to live with greater passion, happiness and peace. Before yoga, I felt overwhelmed, and at times, broken and unfulfilled. I knew deep inside I was not this person, so I sought out the answers that would help me love and celebrate myself more. I poured myself into learning and growing myself. During this period I read dozens of books, became a meditation teacher, and really studied how you can live in alignment with your True Self – your soul…the very essence of you. Each class that I teach I hope to impart a lesson of self-love and acceptance.

What is your mission?

Your precious life should be a continual journey of self-discovery and self-love. This is the evolution of your soul. Each step forward is ultimately a step inward. I too, am on my own journey as I try to help others along theirs. I believe that all of the wisdom and answers we seek lie within us.

Unfortunately we let our inner critic get in the way obstructing our happiness. In my book, I call our inner critic the Itty-bitty-shittty-committee that runs a steady stream of bullshit of how we are not good enough, that there is not enough and will never be enough. It convinces us to buy into false beliefs and keeps us stuck in fear and scarcity. Through my thoughts, words and actions, I hope to help people reconnect to their whole True Self, love themselves more, and live with compassion, gratitude and joy. Life is truly abundant if we open ourselves to it. My mission is to help others open to this abundance and to their own radiance.

What advice would you give to yoga instructors?

Teach with the intention to serve. Be humble, grateful and compassionate. It’s not about you, as the yoga teacher – it’s all about your students. My teaching is simply a vehicle for their change, and I feel honored to help others in their transformation. Always teach from your authentic self because you have special and unique gifts that need to be shared with the world. I love mentoring teachers and offer a Continuing Education Master Course for yoga instructors called The Heart and Soul of Yoga to help them create inspirational yoga classes and share their message from their authentic voice, build an influential, authentic and bad-ass yoga community and really make an impact.

How do you teach people to live in alignment with their True Self?

I believe that the journey back to your whole True Self starts with being mindful in the present moment. Mindfulness helps you become a gentle witness of your inner critic and an owner of love and light, so you can greet life with courage, passion and love. You only have power in this moment.

I help people reconnect to their True Selves through Yoga, meditation, workshops, yoga retreats, bliss classes, blogs and videos. I am almost done writing Blissful Bitch. My book is about living in alignment with your True Self. I teach yoga classes and workshops at Haute Yoga Queen Anne and Bala Yoga in Fremont. Come take a class with me!

What are you offering next?

I am very passionate about my Soul School program where I teach you to learn how to live in alignment with your empowered Soul, by connecting with your inner child, quieting negative self-talk, harnessing your personal power and passion, living your Dharma (your purpose) and creating your Personal Legacy. I’m thrilled to help build a community of passionate and compassionate Soul Seekers.

Audrey offers yin yoga events at Bala Yoga in Fremont. She is also working towards her Soul School series scheduled for February 2017. Many thanks to Audrey for sharing her journey from an exciting corporate job to sharing her passion of teaching self-development in combination with yoga.

Please say hello when you see me in her classes!

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