AZIAM (pronounced “As I am”) Dolls are the world’s first yoga dolls created by Alanna Zabel! AZIAM dolls do a fantastic job of representing multiple styles, interests, and ethnicities that may be relevant to young girls. The dolls come with accessories, have fully moveable joints and each doll has their own story that young girls can resonate with. Each doll has a built-in spinal extension to allow for forward and back bending – so the doll moves just like us! Additionally, 10% of profits go to the charity that each doll is associated with.

Although the dolls appear cartoonish, it is clear that Alanna strives to make the dolls serve as a positive influence on society. Each doll represents one of the branches in Patanjali’s eight-fold path. The moral story of each doll encourages positive and mindful thinking – this sort of education is often lost on young children. It’s clear that Alanna is working towards creating a positive community for young girls.

We had an opportunity to connect with Alanna and learn more about her inspiration and aspirations.

#1 What inspired you to create AZIAM dolls?

15 years ago I created the AZIAM Girlz yoga camps, week-long summer camps teaching yoga to young girls. The program encourages the girls to develop a strong sense of self-awareness, as well as strengthened self-esteem. I wanted to teach more than the Asana poses, so I broke my curriculum down based on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. I then created fun, hip characters to represent the 8 limbs. I wrote books detailing their stories, and seeing how much the girls resonated with the characters, I decided to embark on the process of making an actual yoga doll.

#2 How did you turn your campaign into a reality?

As crazy as it sounds, I self-funded the entire process on the salary of a yoga instructor. This means a lot to me, and although it made the process longer, there is a deep tone of passion and integrity in my products as a result of this.

#3 Is there a AZIAM doll that you most resonate with and why?

A little secret: they all represent a different part of me. I love to surf, hike, practice yoga and meditation, I am a fashion designer, singer / dancer, I went to Oxford University and I am Italian. BUT if I had to choose one, it would be the new Dolly Alanna™ doll, because it actually resembles me and the name came from a nickname my brother gave me when I started teaching yoga.

#4 What are your aspirations and hopes for AZIAM?

To continue inspiring people to live authentically and organically, as they are.

#5 Where can we find AZIAM dolls?

AZIAM dolls can be purchased on the AZIAM website, on Amazon, and several high end boutiques in California, New York, and Florida.


Let us know what you think about AZIAM Dolls. Would you want one for your child? Tell us why in the comments below.

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