Balance isn’t a straight line!

On a daily basis, we’re faced with a variety of challenges and hundreds of worries can cross our minds. Every passing thought can have a significant impact on our body and mind. And yes, we know that withholding negative feelings can lead to depression and other health problems, but did you know that acute stress can be good for you?

Think about it this way: fighting an illness is not the same as chasing a deadline. Yes, both examples could be complex in their own ways, but definitely not identifiable as the same. Thus, the phrase “I feel stressed” should not be used to describe every challenge you face in your life. Quite the opposite! Recognizing what is manageable versus what is out of your control is crucial in order to maintain good health.

“Adapting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.”Hans Selye

How to do that? Find your Solution Sanctuary! Meaning: sort all of your thoughts and make a conscious decision of what you want to keep or toss away. Then store those thoughts in your solution sanctuary. Let’s call it your “neuron basket.” This is where you can pick and choose, transform your thoughts and make them applicable to your dilemmas, and solutions will arise!

This elimination process will help you see things from a different angle. Not everything has to be identified as stress. And know, that some of those crazy bursts of stress are actually good for you, because they motivate you and encourage you. You just have to learn how to recognize them, and how to avoid the rest.

Ah! Discovering your “solution–sanctuary-factory” may feel like “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory,” and even better, it may transform the way you live your life.
Unwrap your potential, and oh well, maybe that chocolate bar.
Happy – stress-free – Holidays!

-Simona Trakiyska

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