Bali is the perfect venue for yoga retreats due to its mindful atmosphere and its beautiful landscapes. The city is an oasis of peace for the body, mind, and soul. Where yogis have the opportunity to enjoy a calm yoga practice while exploring the tropical forests and the ocean. If you are ready to embark on a life-changing journey? Then this list of amazing Bali yoga retreats for 2020 is for you!

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MAY 2020


About this Retreat: Join this amazing retreat for your very own journey of self-love, self-empowerment, and self-transformation. What awaits you is an authentic cultural experience into a spiritual world of self-healing with meditation, yoga, chakra opening and pranayama. To all of those who join this journey of life, we Balitrees Retreats offer an experience of profound beauty, grace, authenticity, wholesomeness, human warmth, respect, and care. it is guided by love, peace, integrity, openness, and kindness. Just bring your lovely self and leave the rest to Balitrees Retreats!


Dates: Available All Year

Instructors: I Gede Arya, Krishna, Danai Siamou, Landy Yan, and Claudia Wang.

Cost: $1,200

Shanti Toya Ashram

About this Retreat: Find the balance in your body and mind amid the serene setting at Shanti Toya Ashram. You will have two daily yoga practices, relaxing afternoons to enjoy the ashram, and free time to join cultural classes or venture to other areas on the Island of the Gods, Bali. The ashram is located only half an hour from the beach, giving you the chance to also rejuvenate in the beautiful beaches of Bali.


Dates: Available All Year

Instructors: Ni Kadek Artuti Pradnya, Ketut Aryantha, and I Wayan Suwitra

Cost: $298

  • Sacred Womens Yoga Holistic Retreat in Ubud Bali 6
Majik of Life

About this Retreat: This 10-day sacred women’s retreat is an invitation to inspire change, aliveness, stillness and serenity in every woman. You will delve into transformative holistic practices, sacred women’s circles, nourishing food, healing body treatments, tailored yoga classes, and soothing meditations.
This retreat also includes inspiring workshops on Astrology, Ayurveda, Dance, Sacred Women’s Circle’s and the Chakras to tune into your own emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness, and spiritual awareness within.


Dates: May 30th – June 8th

Instructors: Jesslyn Miller & Kayla Freudenberg

Cost: $1,450


Alchemy Tours

About this Retreat: During the 8-days Goddess retreat, you will explore the transformative power of loving kindness and feel how the rich, Balinese culture integrates this into all aspects of life. Here you will find flowers and smiles for miles and miles, a Namaste throughout the day. The wafting of sweet incense following your every movement.
Together with the group you will enjoy traditional Balinese temple visits, snorkeling, meditate with the sunrise and practice heart opening yoga including vinyasa, kundalini and yin style classes.
This retreat is for you if Bali is on your Dream List, you are seeking adventure, you are ready to reveal new layers of yourself, you are curious about the lifestyle of a Yogi through Ayurveda, you want time for intention setting, journaling, Wellness Coaching and to feel extra loved, you are ready to take your meditation, yoga and spiritual practice to new depths, you want to be clear on what you want to manifest in your life for 2020.


Dates: October 25th – 31st

Instructor: Silvia Mordini

Cost: $1,299


  • New Year New You Reiki 1 and 2 Training Yoga Holiday Bali
Nourish Yoga

About this Retreat: Dance with dolphins, stroll through tranquil Buddhist gardens and waterfalls, bathe in holy hot springs, and explore the vast green rice paddy fields of the island of the gods. Connect deeply with mother nature and your own true nature in an untouched paradise reminiscent of old-world Bali. Get yourself away from the hustle and bustle and join this once in a lifetime magical experience in the stunning beachside town of Lovina, Bali.
Start the New Year with a new skill and cleanse yourself entirely with a Reiki Practitioner Training (Level 1 & 2) and Yoga holiday. Transform your radiant energy into one of pure consciousness and learn how to channel it in a healing one-on-one scenario. Combine this with sunset yoga classes with an experienced teacher for an educational and embodied experience of universal energy.
Sound too good to be true? Well, do we have some good news for you 🙂


Dates: December 27th – January 2nd

Instructor: Jaçlyn Keoh

Cost: $797

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