Whether you are planning to start a career as a yoga teacher or simply would like to learn more about the practice that you’re passionate about. We invite you to check the following list of 2020 yoga teacher trainings taking place in Bali. One of the most unique and gorgeous locations, where yoga students can find peace and mindfulness while connecting with themselves and the world around them.

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APRIL 2020

Bali Vinyasa Yoga School

About this Retreat: Individuals are going insane for yoga everywhere throughout the world. Some want to learn Yoga so they can rehearse it every day for their great wellbeing and for the tranquility of mind. But there are numerous who wish to pick up information of yoga inside and out and need to impart their insight to other individuals by getting to be Yoga Teacher/Trainer. For the individuals who need to make yoga as their vocation, there are a wide range of courses by finishing which they can get the testament of turning into a yoga educator or for running their own yoga classes and course.
200 Hours yoga teacher training in Bali is one of the means to move toward becoming a yoga coach. By finishing this 200 hours yoga instructor Course, one can get enough information and certainty to begin a profession in yoga. In this, you will get the opportunity to finish all the important components which are recorded by the International Yoga Alliance which are important to end up qualified yoga educator.

Dates: April 1st-24th, 2020

Instructors: Sarvottam Kumar, Yogi Ajay, Yogi Yashpal Rauotela, Pradeep Singh, and Joshan Ji.

Cost: $2,100

Exhale Yoga Retreats

About this Retreat: If yoga has changed your life and you want to share that passion with others, then this is the program for you. Deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, follow your heart and become a certified yoga teacher!
If you’re reading this right now, you’re here because you have a desire to evolve. You’re here because you want to reach your true potential and because you want to help others do the same. This program is exactly where you’re supposed to be, and we are excited to be a part of your journey!
This program has been designed to be accessible and enjoyable for anyone who is willing to give every effort into positively transforming their lives and those around them. it aims to help elevate leaders who have a burning desire to share these teachings and elevate others.
This is a program that been designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and inherent natural style. It is a teacher training that will build a strong foundation of knowledge and provide techniques to transform students into teachers. It will deepen and build your personal practice as you embark on a transformational journey toward becoming an inspiring yoga instructor. You will be challenged to go deeper into your physical practice and awaken within you, the capacity to guide, inform and inspire others.


Dates: April 2nd-30th, 2020

Instructors: Dr. Ganesh Rao, Rachel Wainwright, and Jules Seaman.


Cost: $2,950

MAY 2020

Sadhana Yoga School

About this Retreat:
✓ Philosophy: Learn depth of yoga.
You will study Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy, Energetic Anatomy, Chanting, Yoga Diet, Introduction to Ayurveda and Yoga and more.
✓ Asana: Learn to teach yoga.
This yoga teacher training in Bali will cover history and how to teach Beginner Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga for Special Populations, Yoga Teaching Techniques, Yoga Sequencing, Yoga Modifications and Adjustments, Daily Yoga Teaching Practice and more. All graduates will also leave this program knowing how to teach 2 class sequences confidently—as soon as you get home!
✓ Transformation: Practice the tools to improve your life.
You will learn how to Develop Your Practice, Get Stronger, Learn to Relax, Work through Life Changes, Inspire, Dream, Find Clarity, Uncover The Business of Yoga.

Dates: May 1st-21st, 2020

Instructors: Anjili Russell & Bryan Russell

Cost: $2,800

JUNE 2020

Full Circle Yoga School

About this Retreat: This is an opportunity for you to learn to teach yoga while also shifting your life through ritual, ceremony, crystals, essential oils, meditation journeys, ayurvedic herbs and more. Go beyond the unconscious limitations and free yourself to walk a path of truly elevated consciousness.
This course is open to anyone interested in using yoga as a tool to uncover deep truth, well-being, and healing. This 200 hour yoga teacher training is a transformative, in-depth experience that exceeds certification requirements by fusing mind, body, and soul.

Dates: June 2nd-22nd, 2020

Instructor: Molly Warner

Cost: $2,500


Alchemy of yoga

About this Retreat: This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is wholeheartedly dedicated to the Art of Self-Discovery to find your true purpose, fulfill the highest expression of yourself and live your Dream Life. Think of this as Happiness Training for Superheroes & Avengers ready to honor their calling and light up the world!
If you’ve been feeling like there’s something “bigger” out there, if you’ve been wanting to dig deeper into yourself, if you’re ready to make changes in your life, this teacher training is for you.
Consider becoming a certified yoga instructor in paradise with one of the most reputable schools in the world. Book your long awaited dream trip to Bali. Go on vacation, love yourself up and return able to authentically express who you are in the world in the most dynamic and empowered way. Leave activated to love yourself, love your day, love your life! 


Dates: September 1st-22nd, 2020

Instructor: Silvia Mordini

Cost: $1,789-$5,199

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