Imagine, waking up to the sound of the jungle, the beautiful beach, and the scents of the wild plants. Spending your days disconnecting from the world, and reconnecting with your mind and body in a green peaceful environment. Enjoying every minute of your adventure, eating delicious food, practicing yoga, meditating, surfing, and doing many other fun activities. If this sounds like a routine that you might enjoy, then check our picks of the best Costa Rica yoga retreats happening this year.

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  • The Physiology of Yoga retreat in Osa Peninsula - Blue Osa (2)
Blueosa - logo

About this retreat: The ideal retreat. Daily Asana, Pranayama and meditation sessions with Hart and Ramanand in a beach-front eco-resort nestled on one of the most pristine and beautiful areas of Costa Rica: The Osa Peninsula. Add nature’s gifts: organic farm to table food, exotic fruits and plenty of sunshine and you have an ideal retreat.


Dates: October 11th-18th

Instructors: Ramanand Patel & Hart Lazer

Cost: $1,900


  • Surf and Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa - Pura Vida Adventures
Pura Vida Adventures - logo

About this retreat: A few years ago, Pura Vida Adventures celebrated a decade of Adventures with a weeklong surf camp fiesta over the Thanksgiving holiday. New and old friends, poolside parties, moonlit bonfires, sunset cocktails, and, of course, tons of laughing, yoga, and surf—it was the best!
What started as an anniversary party became a tradition when everyone decided it was such a magical week that we had to do it again. One excited alum dubbed the week “Surfsgiving” and it stuck…and it’s now one of Pura Vida Adventures’ favorite camps!
During this gratitude-filled week, the team has planned a special Thanksgiving Day fiesta, Costa Rican style, PLUS their famous “paddle out for gratitude” session…paddle out, surf with friends, make new memories…now that’s Surfsgiving!

Dates: November 23rd–29th

Instructor: Cris Kalyani

Cost: $2,995-$3,895


  • Revitalize and Rejuvenate Yoga Retreat in Cañafistula - El-Sabanero Eco Lodge (3)
El-Sabanero Eco Lodge - logo

About this retreat: Revitalize and harmonize your mind, body, and soul in Guanacaste. Enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful views of the valley. The spectacular infinity pool is at the perfect temperature all year long and the restaurant serves some of the best food in all of Costa Rica including local and international vegetarian dishes. Relax by the pool, explore the surroundings or visit the four beautiful beaches that the lodge has only a few minutes drive away and spend a week to remember in Costa Rica.

Dates: All Year Around

Instructors: Vivi Alberazzi & Hector Moreno

Cost: $845 (6days)

  • Budget Yoga Holiday in Santa Teresa - Casa Zen Guesthouse and Yoga Center (4)
Casa Zen Guesthouse and Yoga Center - logo

About this retreat: Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga retreat while exploring all that the area has to offer at Casa Zen’s beautiful guest house and retreat center just 50 meters from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Awaken your mind, body, and spirit while unwinding in a tropical paradise. This retreat will help you get back to basics, feeling good inside and out. Casa Zen Guesthouse and Yoga Center’s goal is to offer a retreat affordable for travelers on a budget while providing plenty of opportunities for adventure, exploration, and tranquility.

Dates: All Year Around

Instructor: TBA

Cost: $180 (8days)

  • Believe Surf and Yoga Holiday in Santa Teresa - Believe Surf and Yoga (1)
Believe Surf and Yoga - logo

About this retreat: Do you need to break free from your same old routine to try something new? Believe Surf and Yoga offers a truly immersive retreat experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, connected, and empowered. Believe’s all-inclusive customizable packages combine the perfect blend of surf, yoga, healthy food, unspoiled nature, and a variety of local awe-inspiring activities to create a truly unique vacation experience. To top it off, you will have a local host for the duration of your stay who will provide you with tips and tricks for the best things to do in town. Be prepared for the getaway of a lifetime!

Dates: All Year Around

Instructors: John, Lupe, Christophe and others

Cost: $497 (7days)

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