Are looking for a yoga teacher training program taking place in a beautiful location? We recommend the following Costa Rica yoga teacher trainings happening this year in a variety of breathtaking locations guaranteeing a tranquil and peaceful environment for you to dive deeper into your practice. Scroll down & find your next adventure!

Covid-19 Travel Requirements: Costa Rica opened its borders for tourists back in November. The country is currently not requiring a negative Covid-19 test, however, all visitors should fill out a Health Pass before traveling to receive a QR code that they must show upon arrival.
A valid travel insurance covering potential quarantine accommodation costs up to $2,000 and medical expenses of at least $50,000 related to covid-19 is also required to enter Costa Rica. The travel insurance must be accompanied by a certificate in English or Spanish showing details such as the policyholder’s name, the dates of coverage, and guarantees as specified above.
Suggestions of insurers can be found on the Health Pass website.
America’s CDC classes the risk in Costa Rica as “very high” and says US citizens should “avoid all travel to Costa Rica.” It also states that even fully vaccinated travelers are at risk of catching variants.

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  • 200hr Multi Style Yoga TTC in Puerto Viejo - Best Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Trainings
Kindred - Spirits - logo

About this program: This yoga teacher training is your opportunity to learn the techniques and methodology for guiding yoga practice with an awareness of how to live the yoga philosophy.
Through this training, you will engage in a physical practice and thought-provoking discussions, receive the light to explore your inner being; discovering your true self as you bring your awareness to your layers of conditioning and the Samskaras.
The transformation will leave you energized, confident and ready to follow your inner calling.
This is a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification registered with Yoga Alliance.

Dates: September 4th–25th

Instructors: Terry Newton & Johanna Holst

Cost: $2,495

  • Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Puerto Jimenez - Best Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Trainings (1)
Blueosa - logo

About this program: In this training, you will acquire theoretical knowledge – practices that will facilitate you to create habits that help you deepen your practice of Conscious Hatha so that as a teacher you can transmit the great art of Yoga with foundations and clarity. Participants will address different aspects that enrich each other.
In the area of ​​Kinesiology, you will be given precise, practical and applicable bases on functional anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This knowledge will give you the tools to practice any style of yoga with awareness and in a safe way with less risk of injury.
You will be taught to use different types of props which will make you a more complete teacher.
You will be guided so that you can observe and detect common trends and errors in the most used asanas in Hatha Yoga.
You will learn the art of putting together and designing your classes, how to find verbal clarity, know how to organize your students with their props, the objective and the reason for your class, how to choose between so many options and at the same time not be repetitive and mechanical.

Dates: September 25th-October 9th

Instructor: Yogi Aaron

Cost: $2,990


  • Human Journey 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Playa Negra - Best Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Trainings (6)
Swastha Yoga - logo

About this program: Swastha is the Sanskrit word that means to be firmly rooted and fully established in oneself, with balanced health on all levels of our Being. This program is designed in a very particular way and has the potential to instigate real, sustainable transformation and change in your life; cultivating growth and trust in yourself and in others. We offer a safe and supportive space for opening into personal revelations that will encourage you to be a more authentic and inspirational leader, as well as a willing and thriving participant in life.
This training will provide you with the necessary tools for being an effective and powerful human and yoga teacher…yet only through your willingness to be vulnerable, your openness to being a student, and your courage to trusting the process.

Dates: November 6th-20th

Instructors: Kevin McQuillan & Serena Arora

Cost: $2,997

  • 200hr YogiBeYoga & Ayurveda Yoga TTC in San Juanillo - Best Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Trainings (4)
Pura Veda - logo

About this program: Come to the Ayurveda and Yoga Gurukulum (School) where you can find over 80 fruit trees and permaculture integrated, 1 mile from the beach. The center was created from the ground up, taking care to intentionally place structures where accepted and leaving spaces for many plants and trees to grow.
This gurukulam is an extension of the owners’ family’s living practice with yoga and Ayurveda and which has been cultivated which much love, energy, and truth. The YogiBeYoga and Ayurveda trainings are complemented by high prana and sattvic food with the deliberate intention to create a balanced mind space to support the experience.

Dates: November 14th-December 4th

Instructor: Sonia Kaur

Cost: $1,800

  • Awakenings Immersive Yoga Teacher Training in Playa Hermosa - Best Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Trainings
Vida Asana - logo

About this program: The Vida Asana team is beyond words excited to have Alejandra and Adriana hosting this YTT, along with anatomy taught be the incomparable Marco Amador. This is more than just a teacher training, this is an opportunity to dive deep into your practice.
Any age, gender, and experience level in yoga is welcome in our training. This all-inclusive training includes your stay in Vida Asana, a lovely school of yoga and eco-retreat center. Vida Asana will offer delicious and healthful food supporting your transformation, as well as a comfy room, and a wonderful staff.
Your day will include two yoga practices, one challenging class and a restorative class along with Pranayama and meditation to soften the body-mind. Deepening in yoga philosophy, anatomy, methodology, and alignment.

Dates: November 29th-December 19th

Instructors: Alejandra Torres, Adriana Leiva, Marco Amador, Rosemarie Gonzalez Gainza, Cecile Populaire and Catalina Badilla

Cost: $2,995

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