As yoga gets more and more popular, parents are increasingly looking to get their kids to adopt the practice at a young age. The first step in that journey is to buy a cute yoga mat for kids which is what may have brought you here. Our editorial team performed a search for you to help identify some of the best yoga mats for kids available in the market and here are their recommendations:

Best Yoga Mat for Kids #1: Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Gaiam Kids offers yoga mats designed for children aged 5-8, promoting a healthy outlet and teaching concentration, balance, and calmness. The mats feature a textured non-slip surface, providing a safe grip for active kids. Made from non-toxic and 6P free PVC, they are free from harmful phthalates. Each mat purchase includes a bonus downloadable yoga class tailored for kids. With dimensions of 60 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 3 millimeters in thickness, these mats are suitable for young yogis.

Best Yoga Mat for Kids #2: Yogi Junior Kids Yoga Mat

Yogi Junior Kids Yoga Mat

The Yogi Junior yoga mat is perfectly sized for babies to big kids, measuring 52 inches in length and 24 inches in width with an extra thick 1/4 inch. Made from lightweight and durable TPE foam, it’s non-toxic and features closed-cell technology to block moisture and bacteria. Dual textures provide slip prevention and added grip, while rounded corners facilitate easy rolling and cleaning. This mat is CPSC lab tested, hypoallergenic, and free from latex, phthalates, PVC, and BPA, making it safe for children. Additionally, it’s recyclable and suitable for nap and playtime, making it ideal for studios, schools, and gyms.

Best Yoga Mat for Kids #3: Play Platoon Extra Thick 9 Piece Children Play & Exercise Mat

Extra Thick 9 Piece Children Play & Exercise Mat

The Play Platoon foam puzzle mat is 100% non-toxic, certified by U.S. and European standards, and made from non-toxic EVA foam. With extra-thick 5/8 inch (15mm) tiles, it provides cushioning for hard flooring, making it perfect for children’s early years. The bright primary colors stimulate childhood learning and offer hours of fun. This mat is easy to clean, durable, soft, and water-resistant, with large 12in x 12in pieces. It’s suitable for various uses such as playrooms, exercise rooms, daycares, and schools. Play Platoon offers a lifetime replacement warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Best Yoga Mat for Kids #4: Merrithew Kids Yoga and Exercise Mat

Merrithew Kids Yoga and Exercise Mat

The Merrithew yoga mat is an eco-friendly choice made from Poly Environmental Resin (PER), ensuring it’s safe, non-toxic, and food-grade. It’s free from toxins, heavy metals, and phthalates, making it safe for use. This mat is comfortable and durable, providing cushioning for support during practice, and it’s easy to clean. With a built-in handle, it’s convenient for on-the-go use. Additionally, its non-slip surface ensures safety during use. The mat measures 54″L x 24″W x 0.3″Th and weighs 1.19 pounds. Care instructions recommend air drying and laundry when needed.

Best Yoga Mat for Kids #5: Phresh Chi Kids Yoga Mat with Built in Exercise Game

Phresh Chi Kids Yoga Mat with Built in Exercise Game

The Chi Universe Yoga Mat is designed for children aged 4-9 to learn yoga effortlessly with step-by-step pictures, videos, and a free app. It promotes mindful-based learning to improve flexibility, motor-coordination, physical alignment, and overall wellbeing, fostering cross neural development and spatial awareness. This interactive mat is a fun way for families to bond and spend quality time together while improving emotional wellness. It comes in different sizes suitable for kids and tweens/teens/adults. The mat is lab tested for safety, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. It includes universally recognized symbols for easy learning and alignment. The package includes a double-sided How-To Game Poster and access to free online videos and a free app for detailed exercises guidance. Customer satisfaction and promoting healthy lifestyles are central to the Chi Universe brand.