Looking to treat yourself to a yoga retreat in 2021 to rejuvenate and connect with yourself and the world around you? A yoga retreat in Mexico will be a great choice for you, since the country is one of the most popular destinations for wellness and yoga retreats with its many resorts & centers, in addition to its beautiful landscapes. To find your next yoga adventure, check our list of the best Mexico yoga retreats in 2021!

Mexico is currently open to visitors from around the world, although the travel across the land borders between the US & Mexico remain limited to essential trips, nonessential travel has resumed via air. To enter the country, you are not required to take a covid-19 test before jumping on a plane, however expect to be subject to health screenings upon arrival and note that some cities around the country have curfews and other health restrictions in place. To learn more, you can check the embassy website.

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MAY 2021

Healing Body Energy - logo

About this Retreat: Take a moment…visualize sugary white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, verdant Palm trees. Can you smell the warm, salty air? Can you feel the “calm” wash over you?
Healing Body Energy are destination Healing Wellness Retreats. Its team travels all around the world to different tropical locations to host their retreats! They are partnered with an array of hotels from Rustic Boutique to 5 Diamond Resorts set along tranquil beaches.
Healing Body Energy also customize their packages to each individual’s needs and goals and offer one on one private sessions where the center’s facilitators come to you!

Dates: May 26th – 30th

Instructors: Gloria, Gabby, Pablo, Juan, and Lilly

Cost: $4,500


Yoga Adventures Worldwide - logo

About this Retreat: This is a unique yoga retreat to celebrate Mexican cuisine, the wonders of nature, art & expression, and the incredible tradition of Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico, the heart of the Day of the Dead celebration. Soulful yoga will anchor each day.
This retreat will embrace the festivities that unfold over the three days of the holiday, October 31, November 1 & 2, in an explosion of color and life-affirming joy. During this time, participants will create their own altars for loved ones lost, they will each have the chance for face paintings Catrina-style to head out into the town to celebrate with the locals in parades, parties, song and dance.
Oaxaca is the home of Mexico’s most amazing cuisine. You will get a chance to explore the food markets, agave fields, experience a cooking class, taste mezcal and be pampered with incredible meals with local chefs. Luxury villa accommodations, nature excursions, optional spa services, and shopping time will round out your days on retreat in beautiful Oaxaca.

Dates: Oct. 28th – Nov. 3rd

Instructor: Jessica Apo

Cost: $3,790


Corazon Del Agua - logo

About this Retreat: You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are pure, radiant, sacred feminine force.
Every woman is, but so many of us don’t yet feel it.
In this retreat, you’ll discover the incredible depth and grace that is within you, in connection with a small, intimate group of like-minded women.
United in sisterhood, participants will create a sacred heart-space of belonging, trust and love, an intimate safe container in which deep transformation can take root.

Dates: Nov. 20th – 27th

Instructor: Jojo Walsh

Cost: $995


One O Nine - logo

About this Retreat: This retreat will be your time to stop your mental busyness so you can actually experience the here and now. The time you take to be mindful and connected to nature gives you space and awareness to fully experience the life that is always happening through you, all the life you habitually overlook.
By the end of this 109 Regenerative retreat with Playa Viva, they promise you’ll settle into the pace of pure mindfulness, cyclical living and nature. A pace where the best moments are spent getting your hands dirty working at the farm, reconnecting with Earth, watching the pelicans fly in formation over the sea, filling your lungs with fresh ocean air, getting dusty exploring the local ecosystem and being inspired by a remarkable community.

Dates: Dec. 3rd – 8th

Instructor: TBA

Cost: $2,500 – $3,500


Xinalani - logo

About this Retreat: This retreat is designed for women – also available for men – looking to escape to the warmth and serenity of tropical Mexico.
Calm your mind and soothe your body with seven days of yoga, healthy-gourmet dining, meditation, and great activities – all in the setting of a secluded beach accessible only by boat and surrounded by lush, mountain-jungle.
The Single Yogini Retreat was designed not only to offer respite from the stresses and stagnation of your normal routine, but also to provide an opportunity to meet other health & yoga enthusiasts during your time.

Dates: All Year

Instructor: TBA

Cost: $1,599

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