Mexico is very famous for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and its Mayan ruins and cenotes. Therefore, it is considered one of the best destinations for yogis to immerse themselves or deepen their knowledge in yoga. If you’re looking for an opportunity to experience the magic of the Mexican land while gaining your next teacher training certificate, check this list of the best Mexico yoga teacher trainings for 2021!

Mexico is currently open to visitors from around the world, although the travel across the land borders between the US & Mexico remain limited to essential trips, nonessential travel has resumed via air. To enter the country, you are not required to take a covid-19 test before jumping on a plane, however expect to be subject to health screenings upon arrival and note that some cities around the country have curfews and other health restrictions in place. To learn more, you can check the embassy website.

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JULY 2021

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bacalar - La Casa Shambala (1)
La Casa Shambala - logo

About this program: To keep up its flexible spirit La Casa Shambala is touring to bring you its 200 hour teacher training course at its new deep blue destination; The center welcomes you to Bacalar lagoon Mexico for an ultimate experience of growth and self-discovery under tropical palms, among the hum of the jungle. Open your heart to this experience.
If you are considering joining it means you have a longing for deeper, inner discovery. This course is a deep dive into the study of yoga. The program is truly special, not only for its content and practice, but also in the loving intention which La Casa Shambala puts into every detail that surrounds it.
La Casa Shambala is a family, and as a family it created a story with hundreds of students, volunteers, teachers, and employees. This story manifests an experience based on finding a path to help them remember their true essence of empowerment through the practice of yoga in all its forms.

Dates: July 10th-30th & September 11th-October 1st

Instructor: Sara Ramalho & Jessica Charlotte

Cost: $2,219

  • 200Hr Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum - Yoga Navan
Yoga Navan - logo

About this program: In this intensive course, you will learn how to teach a 90 minute Sivananda Hatha class and Vinyasa flow with confidence and ease.
Practice teaching with your peers so you will gain the confidence to teach at a studio when you get home. Learn yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation, and Ayurvedic nutrition.
You will also make close friends and learn deeply about yourself in this beautiful setting of Mexico. Experience days of sunshine, asana, nutrition, learning, laughter, and nights of sweet sleep with a tropical breeze and fan.
Afterward, you will see many positive changes in yourself and the positive ways in which you see and step into the world. At the end of this course, you will be able to teach a 90 min Sivananda class with ease.
Get ready for a life-changing adventure that will deepen your practice, uplift your life and set you on a new career path as a yoga teacher. Included in the courses is your full tuition.

Dates: July 12th–30th & November 8th–26th

Instructors: Michelle Bradshaw & Olga Kulas

Cost: $2,599


  • 300hr Aligned Elements Yoga Training in Tulum - Tulum Yoga School
Tulum Yoga School - logo (1)

About this program: In the evolving world of modern yoga, Tulum Yoga School’s continuing education and advanced intuitive teacher training programs will help to distinguish yourself as an authentic, knowledgeable and inspirational leader.
This teacher training was developed to help teachers build more confidence and expand their current level of knowledge so that they have the ability to offer more to their students. You’ll have the opportunity to refine your voice as you explore specialized elements and add to your teaching foundation.
This program will be led and assisted by various teachers who are specialists in their chosen path of study and teaching. This training was created because there was a need for many who graduated from other 200hr programs were missing key elements needed to support intelligent, intuitive and inspired teaching. For graduates of the Aligned Flow Method immersions, you will have the opportunity to expand on what you learned and dive even deeper into what it takes to create a thriving career and have an authentic voice.

Dates: October 1st–22nd

Instructor: Richelle Morgan

Cost: $2,999

  • 200 HR Beachfront Yoga Teacher Training in Oaxaca - Vida Yoga Center (5)
Vida Yoga Center - logo

About this program: In this training, you will acquire theoretical knowledge – practices that will facilitate you to create habits that help you deepen your practice of Conscious Hatha so that as a teacher you can transmit the great art of Yoga with foundations and clarity. Participants will address different aspects that enrich each other.
In the area of ​​Kinesiology, you will be given precise, practical and applicable bases on functional anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This knowledge will give you the tools to practice any style of yoga with awareness and in a safe way with less risk of injury.
You will be taught to use different types of props which will make you a more complete teacher.
You will be guided so that you can observe and detect common trends and errors in the most used asanas in Hatha Yoga.
You will learn the art of putting together and designing your classes, how to find verbal clarity, know how to organize your students with their props, the objective and the reason for your class, how to choose between so many options and at the same time not be repetitive and mechanical. Where to look for inspiration and creativity.

Dates: October 31st-November 21st

Instructors: Marine Larripa & Sofia Agaton

Cost: $2,850


  • 200Hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Puerto Vallarta - Davanna Yoga (5)

About this program: Learn classic yoga based on Yoga Sutras 8 limbs of yoga. The Krishnamacharya parameters for sequencing vinyasa are the roots of this training.
To help you to be a well-rounded practitioner, your training will also include instruction on Hatha yoga, Children’s yoga, Restorative yoga and Pre-natal yoga as well as working with Seniors.
The advantage of this training is that it is offered in a working yoga shala. You will have hands-on experience assisting students in the community classes. You will learn a great deal about teaching methodology by being involved in these classes and creating/giving classes of your own. By the time you graduate, you will have gained valuable teaching experience so when you sit in front of your students, you are ready!
The curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the Yoga Alliance and actually exceeds the number of hours needed for an RYT-200 registration.
Your payment includes your training manual and Mudras and use of a yoga mat if needed during your training.
You will also receive free public classes during training, free public workshops during the training time, 2 kirtan/meditations per week, a group activity, and your teaching certificate.

Dates: November 2nd-20th

Instructor: Anna Laurita

Cost: $2,500

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