Do you feel the need to get away & rest? Pick one of the following best Thailand yoga retreats happening this year & embark on a journey of healing and relaxation on the mystical island of Thailand. Enjoy its beautiful beaches with glittering waves, sugar-like sands, lively jungles, and majestic waterfalls. Do not waste time scroll down & choose your next adventure!

Covid-19 Travel Requirements: Thailand is currently open to US passport holders with testing and quarantine requirements in place. The authorities of the country recently announced that Phuket will be reopening to vaccinated travelers in July, as it’s expected that 70 percent of the city’s population will be vaccinated by then.

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  • Healing Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Ko Pha-ngan - Best Thailand Yoga Retreats (5)
Wonderland Healing Center - logo

About this retreat: Wonderland’s yoga and wellness retreats are designed to provide the perfect environment for your spiritual and physical growth.
The center’s newly built, light-filled yoga shala faces a tropical forest, and the soothing sounds of the river run through the property.
This nurturing environment also includes a vegan restaurant, herbal steam sauna, swimming pool and the most experienced teachers in each field.
Wonderland offers a wide variety of meditation and yoga classes to support a holistic experience while fasting and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.
Classes are suitable for levels.

Dates: Starting from December

Instructors: Ali Hazel & Paula Huolman

Cost: $173(4 days)

  • Reviving Weight-Loss, Fitness & Yoga Retreat in Ko Samui - Best Yoga Retreats in Thailand
Visit Natural Detox Resort - logo

About this retreat: Achieve your wildest weight-loss and fitness goals with Visit Natural Detox Resort, while having loads of fun under the sun in Koh Samui, one of the most beautiful and diverse islands of Thailand.
This 1 week “reviving package” will help you step by step to transform your body and mind. You will experience a mental/physiological detox and return home with soaring energy levels!
During your stay with Visit Natural Detox Resort, you can enjoy and feel the benefits of:
Yoga for the mind
Cardio for the heart
Strength and conditioning for power

Dates: Starting on Dec. 5th & 19th

Instructors: Yayha & Rosa

Cost: $321


  • Ultimate Reboot Detox & Healthy Living Retreat in Ko Pha-ngan - Best Thailand Yoga Retreats (2)
Smiley Retreat - Logo

About this retreat: Imagine a breathtaking sea view, a gentle breeze raising from the ocean, you are lying by the pool after a massage feeling relaxed, connected, positive and alive.
These are the moment’s life’s worth living for. So join Smiley Retreat for a health and soul boosting detox retreat on beautiful Koh Phangan!
There are times when you feel you need a bit of a break. Regenerate, feel energized, revitalized, positive, rejuvenated, radiant. A very comfortable or luxury wellness retreat awaits!

Dates: All Year

Instructors: Luca Sonzogni, Nancy Huettig, Selina Clement, and Akari Tamura

Cost: $3,233(21 days)

  • Yoga Retreat On Paradise Island - Best Thailand Yoga Retreats (5)
Island Yoga - logo

About this retreat: Savour genuine Thai island culture through this unforgettable 8 day retreat. Located amongst an abundance of natural beauty, Island Yoga is the ideal environment for a transformative spiritual and personal experience. You will embark on a journey of conscious evolution, which is the aim of yoga and, ultimately, the mission here at Island Yoga. Island Yoga has created an environment where students can experience an authentic and fun yoga community while still having the opportunity to immerse deeply into your practices in perfect serenity.

Dates: All Year

Instructor: Betty Yan

Cost: $337(8 days)

  • Weight Loss, Yoga, Hiking & Muay Thai Retreat in Phetchabun - Best Thailand Yoga Retreats (1)
Muay Thai Battle Conquer - logo

About this retreat: This weight loss and detox program isn’t just about food and exercise, it’s about detoxifying your life. Eating a clean diet, living in nature and partaking in exercise are considered to greatly improve mental health.
If mindfulness is your goal, Battle Conquer offers daily meditation and yoga classes, temple tours, and the magical experience of meeting their only English speaking Buddhist monk.
Couple that with hiking in glorious countryside and you’re the only option will be to find peace and reset. Battle Conquer looks forward to welcoming you to Muay Thai Battle Conquer.

Dates: All Year

Instructor: Hugnoi

Cost: $2,975

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