We are lucky to have a very vibrant yoga community in the Seattle area with many great yoga studios & yoga teachers. Outside of those yoga studios, there are many yoga events that are organized by a variety of organizations and individuals which are worthwhile. We often get asked the question: “what are the best yoga events in Seattle?”, here are some of our favorites listed in no particular order:

Yoga for Hope by City of Hope (July)


Yoga Love by Street Yoga (June)


Outdoor Yoga at the Sculpture Park (July-August)


International Yoga Day by HAHI (June)


The Seattle Yoga Holiday Party by Seattle Yoga News (December)


Yogapalooza by Yogis at UW (May)


Yoga in Green Lake by Yoga Behind Bars (August)


Northwest Yoga Conference (March)


Seattle Yogathon by Art of Living (August)


Bonus event: Weekend yoga workshops hosted by Yogalab Northwest (Various)


Several times a year, Yogalab Northwest invites renown yoga teachers to Seattle to lead 3 day workshops at Om Culture. Past events have included yoga workshops with Tiffany Cruikshank, Amy Ippoliti and Kino Macgregor.


Did we forget any yoga events in Seattle that you think we should have included? Please use the comments section below to let us know about them!

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