Yoga & Meditation Blankets have become a must to have for all yogis, they are the most multifaceted yoga prop around with their transformable shape, they can support your practice in a multitude of different ways. You can use your yoga blanket as a mini bolster, head pillow, or to alleviate stiff muscles while in seated poses when folded up, and placed under your pelvis or folded under your head as a pillow. You can also simply spread it out to keep your body warm in Savasana.
In addition, they are useful outside the studio as well, like on the beach as an extra layer between your beach towel and the sand, or even as a picnic blanket!

Best Yoga & Meditation Blanket #1: Benevolence LA Premium Mexican Blanket

Benevolence LA Premium Mexican Blanket

Benevolence LA offers handwoven premium Mexican blankets made from 100% recycled acrylic material, known for their thickness, softness, and vibrant colors. These versatile blankets can be used as outdoor throws, beach blankets, picnic blankets, yoga blankets, or saddle blankets, making them ideal for various activities. They are durable and get softer with use, measuring 50×80 inches and weighing 3 lbs, perfect for summer nights. Additionally, they make a thoughtful gift, with a portion of proceeds going to charity partner Water Mission to provide drinkable water to those in need. The blankets are handmade by artisans on traditional wooden looms, offering a timeless quality and style. They are also versatile and stylish, suitable for various occasions and available in bold colors. Furthermore, these blankets are soft, hypoallergenic, and machine washable, getting softer with each wash. They come in beautiful gift-wrapped packaging and are part of Benevolence LA’s Fighting Poverty Collection. Additionally, they are designed to cover a standard yoga mat perfectly, featuring a nonslip surface, beautiful designs, lightweight, and odor-free.

Best Yoga & Meditation Blanket #2: Open Road Goods Handmade Solid Color Yoga Blanket

- Open Road Goods Handmade Solid Color Yoga Blanket

This extra-large Mexican blanket is made from a durable blend of cotton, acrylic, and polyester, offering superior quality compared to standard Mexican Falsa blankets. Measuring approximately 80″ x 50″, it is soft, thick, and machine washable, becoming even softer with each wash. It serves multiple purposes, such as a beach or picnic blanket, yoga bolster, decorative throw, or gift. Handwoven and authentic, it comes directly from Mexico. Additionally, it is lightweight, non-slip, easy to wash, and dries quickly.

Best Yoga & Meditation Blanket #3: Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket

Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket

This 82โ€ x 60โ€ blanket is made from 100% recycled fibers, offering excellent quality and versatility for yoga practice. Its dense weave ensures durability and resistance to stretching, while remaining plush and preventing pilling even after washing. Comprising 75% recycled wool and 25% recycled synthetic fibers, it’s environmentally friendly. Dry cleaning is recommended, but it can also be hand washed on a cold, delicate cycle with mild detergents and hung to dry. Additionally, it is perfect for hot yoga, lightweight, dries quickly, and features nonslip properties.

Best Yoga & Meditation Blanket #4: Open Road Goods Turquoise/Sea Green Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods TurquoiseSea Green Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

The Open Road Goods blanket offers a large size of approximately 78″ x 50″ and is crafted from a high-quality acrylic-cotton-polyester blend. It’s machine washable and handmade, with variations in bird color due to its handmade nature. The blanket is soft, thick, and designed for yoga, but also suitable for the beach, picnics, or as a decorative throw. Customers praise its great quality, softness, lightweight, absorbency, portability, durability, and value for the price.