Are you looking for socks that you can wear while practicing yoga? Yoga socks are important because they provide comfort, and the grip allows you to move freely without fear of slippage. Below, we have compiled a list of the best yoga socks so that you can have a safe and comfortable workout!

1Ozaiic - logoOzaiic Yoga Socks$18.99-$21.99
2Muezna - logoMuezna Yoga Socks$9.99-$23.99
3Tucketts - logoTucketts Yoga Socks$15.97
4Toes&Feet - logoToes&Feet Yoga Socks$9.09-$12.99
5Gaiam_LogoGaiam Yoga Socks$9.59-$17.97
6Sportneer - logoSportneer Yoga Socks$12.99
7Hylaea - logoHylaea Yoga Socks$9.99-$16.99
Ozaiic Yoga Socks


✓Amazon’s Choice: With 4.7 Stars and over 6,000+ reviews, this product is listed as an Amazon’s Choice product for Non-Slip Yoga Socks for Women.
✓ Full Cushion Sole: The full cushioning sole covers the entire bottom of the socks and provides comfort and support.
✓ Stylish Unique Design: These socks have a unique ballet-inspired design that is patent pending!

Amazon’s choice

Unique design

Full cushion sole


One size may not fit all

Muezna Yoga Socks


✓ Great Material: These socks are made with combed cotton and 100% silica grips, which are amazing for sweat absorption and providing an anti-skid & non-slip surface sock bottom.
✓ Great for Gifting: The gift bag is free! It is a nice bag for storage and will keep your socks organized. These socks are great for gifting friends, family, and even yourself!
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the socks within 60 days of your purchase, this company will refund your order!


Great for gifting

Great material

100% Satisfaction guarantee

The fabric may be a little thin

Tucketts Yoga Socks


✓ Amazon’s Choice: With over 4,520+ positive reviews, and many colors to choose from, this product is listed as an Amazon’s Choice product!
✓ Comfortable: The socks are made of eco-friendly, soft, moisture-wicking material that hugs your foot and keeps you clean and dry.
✓ Good Grip: The grip is still sticky even after multiple uses and washes. These socks are nonslip, nonskid, and anti-sweat.

Amazon’s choice

Good grip

Patented design


It may feel like you are wearing flip flops at first

Toes&Feet Yoga Socks


✓ Shock Absorption: The cushioned bottom is soft, comfortable, and provides wonderful shock absorption.
✓ Anti Slip Silicone: The anti slip silicone dots at the bottom grips the floor well and allows you to control your body movements better to avoid injury.
✓ Nice Design: There are many different colors and designs to choose from!

Anti slip silicone

Shock absorption

Cushioned bottom

The sizing may be a little off

Gaiam Yoga Socks


✓ Hygienic Alternative to Bare Feet: These socks protect feet from exposure to foot fungus while also preventing feet from excess sweat and moisture.
 Multipurpose: It can be worn in different settings, such as standard & hot yoga, pilates, barre, ballet, or at home when you want some added grip and stability.
✓ Colorful Options: There are over 9+ beautiful colors & designs to choose from!

Colorful options


Open toe design

The socks may be a little small in the toes area

Sportneer Yoga Socks


✓ Breathable & Stays on Tight: These socks are hard to slip off and hug onto your feet. They have a stitched cutout design on the top, which enhances breathability. 
✓ Bonus Drawstring Pouch: The drawstring pouch is included so that you can keep your socks clean and organized!
✓ Anti-Slip Grips: The anti-slip bottom and cushioned padding prevent you from falling or losing balance while providing a good grip.
✓ Good Material: Sportneer socks are made with the highest quality cotton and have good sweat-wicking abilities.

Good material


Anti-slip grips

Bonus drawstring pouch


May be a bit big for some people

Hylaea Yoga Socks


✓ Anti-Skid Socks: The non-slip silicone gel grips well, and keeps you balanced and stable on slippery surfaces.
✓ Great Material: These socks are made of combed cotton, which has great sweat absorption and is more comfortable than normal cotton. The silicone gel grips on the bottom provide a non skid surface.
✓ 30 Day Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, this company will offer a full refund or a replacement!

Great reviews


Has lots of grip

Good material

The toe holes may be a little small for some people

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