Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May this joyful season greet you with health and happiness! Join the amazing Kate Mensah on this free Gentle Yoga Flow session to end this special day with peace & mindfulness.

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About Kate Mensah: Kate discovered yoga in 2014 when she was training for kickboxing coach in Kirkland. This has been a life changing for her. Yoga helps her to work on her balance, flexibility and strength which are very essential for her as a fashion designer and a mom. Kate she is a certified boxing and kickboxing coach which make totally since for her to teach power yoga, Sculpt and Core yoga. Her class is combining strength, stability in a very dynamic Vinyasa flow style. She will definitely be able to get you grounded at the same time to build strength, all in harmony with your breathing. 

Kate is very happy and feels gifted to share a passion and help others to be grounded, be self-centered and to remain calm when practicing difficult postures. She believes that anyone can practice yoga and should be incorporated to anybody life in order to find peace, to bring positive energy to others and to share love around us. 

Kate Mensah is also the owner of Mensahna that is offering her services as a fitness coach and personal trainer to her clients. She is a certified personal trainer through ISSA, certified boxing and kickboxing coach, a yogaTeacher Certificate as well as a nutritionist coach. Kate trains while incorporate some dancing move with high intensity cardio and also included yoga movement to make training more fun. Kate has been involved in many sports throughout her life including horse riding, gymnastics, dance, boxing, and kick-boxing. She is specialized in boxing, kick-boxing that she is teaching at several different studios on the Eastside. She is offering livestreaming workout to her clients especially her mixed intensity style workout., Kate lately joins Teeter Move as one their coach for their several fitness equipment. 

Based of the fitness world, Kate is a fashion designer for almost 10 years for her own brand KateSMensah. Her passion for fashion can be traced back to her origin, Paris, France – the home of fashion and style. Kate is also a fashion stylist for K2tstyle and Volee Vie, fashion model at Heffner Management and fashion consultant as wells. 

She lives her passions (body fitness and fashion) everyday and joined them together to empower women. Kate believes that the two disciplines represent the yin and the yang of our behavior: intensity, aggressiveness, but also kindness and softness.  

Kate workout foundation is healthy mind in a healthy body;  you need to have a good mental balance to achieve your fitness goals. 

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