Get paid up to $500 per article as a contributing writer


Content related to yoga that educates and informs our readers with original information that is far superior to any other articles on the topic that may be available by googling relevant keywords on the topic. When publishing a piece of content on a topic, we want it to be the best piece of content one can consume when interested or curious about the topic the article focuses on. We seek content that provides practical and actionable advice rather than just provide a high level overview of a topic.

Opinion articles that are insightful and well thought out on topics that the yoga community would find interesting (topics that may start an important debate, personal experience with a critical matter that others may be struggling with, in-depth analysis of an issue others may be facing…). The selected topic needs to be general enough to have broad appeal yet specific enough that it is focused on a specific question or idea that is clearly definable.

Content that you are an expert in or have first hand experience in: we will likely be interested in a piece of content focused on meditation from an author who has been studying and teaching meditation for the last 20 years or a piece of content on what it is like to go through and overcome depression if the person writing it is providing insights based on their experience which others who may be dealing with depression find useful. There are exceptions to this rule if the person writing the piece of content is very passionate about the topic, does the necessary research and consults with the appropriate experts to craft a piece of content that is very insightful.

Content that is sharable and well-illustrated that leverages visual elements to convey key points and ideas including images, custom videos, custom-made infographics…. We value when content creators take the time to think about the best way to structure their thoughts to convey the information or thoughts they have in the most effective way and select the best format to accomplish that. This means thinking beyond just text, this means thinking about the formatting of the content, this means thinking about what the intent of the reader is and proactively addressing the questions they may have, this means providing enough depth in the content.


Content that has already been published elsewhere online. If it has been published on another publication, on your personal blog…. We will not republish it on Seattle Yoga News. You may however, after an article has gone live on Seattle Yoga News, republish elsewhere as long as you link back to the original article on our website.

Content that is promotional or that is intended to drive back links to other websites for SEO reasons - if you are wanting to promote a product, a service or a 3rd party website, a sponsored post could be a good fit for you, take a look at our advertising offering.

Content that is sloppy with a lot of typos, grammatical mistakes,…. Or that is not well structured. Make sure to review and edit your article and format it with paragraphs, section titles, illustrations… before submitting it.

Content that is good (or below). We aim to publish great content: the best content possible on the topic that is covered. If we do not think the submitted article is the best piece of content on the topic, we will not publish it. If we think the article submitted can be improved, we will provide feedback and ask for a new draft. Ask yourself whether this is a piece of content that you are proud of publishing, whether this is the best piece of content you can put together on the topic, whether you'd want your name associated with it when someone you look up to comes across it online. If the answer to these quetions is ``no``, then make it better.


It will likely take multiple iterations of feedback before an article is published so be prepared for that. We owe it to our readers to provide them with quality content.

We will likely be declining 90% of the submissions we receive so don’t take it personally. The quality bar required to get an article published is likely much higher than you may have experienced if you published an article on Seattle Yoga News prior to February 2017 or what you may have experienced from other online publications that may be posting every article they receive.

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity. If we decide to publish an article on a certain topic, we want it to be the top article on the web regarding that topic, that is what we are aiming for. We would rather pay $500 to one person and only publish 1 great article rather than pay $50 to 10 different people for 10 average articles that fail to have broad reach.

Once an article is accepted, content is typically published within the next 7 days

Articles must be submitted as a word document through the link provided in the bottom of this page

Articles can be as short or as long as they need to be so there is no word count limit. We seek content that is short because more is said with less words. We also seek content that is long because it captures the depth of the topic and it goes into the necessary details to give it justice.

We encourage the use of illustrations and images in articles but make sure that any photos that you include are ones that you made or took yourself, ones that you have permission to use or Creative Commons ones. Same applies to supporting video content that you want to use which we would want hosted through the Seattle Yoga News Youtube channel.

We reserve the right to edit and tweak the content as needed to improve the formatting and the information provided in the article

We will do out best to respond to everyone who submits an article to Seattle Yoga News with our intention to publish or not their article along with any relevant feedback about it. We typically follow up within 2 to 3 days of submission but if you do not hear from us within 7 days, you can assume that we are not interested in publishing it.


If your content is accepted and published on Seattle Yoga News, you will automatically get paid $50
If your content gets 5,000 views or 1,000 social media engagements within 90 days, you will get paid an additional $200 bonus for a total of $250
If your content gets 25,000 views or 5,000 social media engagements within 90 days, you will get paid an additional $450 bonus for a total of $500

Payment Details:

  • We will automatically pay you the base article payment through Paypal within 48h of publishing the article
  • We run the payout reports every quarter and pay the extra bonuses within 7 days of the start of the quarter
  • Number of views are measured based on Google Analytics data
  • Number of social media engagements are measured based on Social media Metrics
  • Any attempt to game the system by generating fake views or shares manually or through bots would result in the forfeiting of the bonus and the banning of the contributing writer from submitting future articles. We will automatically exclude any traffic or shares that we deem “fake”.

Why we pay the way we do:

  • The model puts a lot more emphasis on quality and aligns your incentive as a contributor writer with how much the community likes and shares the content you create and publish through Seattle Yoga News
  • The model encourages ownership of the content and its sharing and broadcasting to relevant communities by the content author which is a behavior we want to encourage. You highly increase your likelihood of getting the additional bonus by taking the time to share the article on social media, with relevant groups and influencers…