The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Local Yoga Community

So much has changed since the beginning of March 2020 as the number of coronavirus cases within the Seattle area has increased and stricter measures have been put in place to minimize its spread.  Things have especially shifted for the local yoga community when the governor announced on March 15th a statewide shutdown of restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreational facilities – which include yoga studios. With yoga studios closing their physical spaces, most of them started offering live-streamed yoga classes via Zoom, Facebook Live or Instagram Live.  These live-streamed classes provided the opportunity for the local yoga community to continue taking classes with their favorite yoga teachers from home – these became especially important as the governor announced a “stay at home order” the following week that required everyone to stay at home except for essential activities.

Supporting Local Yoga Studios & Teachers

As a digital media organization, Seattle Yoga News is committed to continue its mission to inform, educate, inspire and connect the yoga community in the Seattle area and around the world. We want to do our part during this time of crisis to help address the needs of the local yoga community and to provide support for local yoga studios and local yoga teachers. These are especially hard times financially for many studios and teachers whose revenue and income have especially been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. We encourage everyone in the community to support local yoga teachers and studios during this time of physical distancing – here are 5 ways you can show your support:

We are living in truly challenging times with the recent outbreak of Covid-19 in Seattle and the world.
With businesses…

Coronavirus Resources for the Seattle Area Yoga Community

We have put together multiple resources to help you find relevant information during the Coronavirus crisis which you can find on our website at – these include:

  1. A List of all yoga studios and teachers offering yoga classes virtually and details about their offering
  2. A Daily class recommendation page in which you will find a curated list of 10 classes you can take each day from various local yoga studios and teachers

We are continuously updating these resources as we learn about new online classes being offered by different teachers and studios and we encourage you to follow us on Instagram & on Facebook to receive new relevant content and updates during the COVID-19 crisis.

Join the Seattle Area Yoga Community Facebook Group

During this time of physical distancing, we wanted to make sure that the local yoga community had a safe space online for discussion and support so we created a new Facebook group which we invite you to join:

Join us and invite your friends to the Seattle Area Yoga Community Facebook Discussion Group!

Free Support for Seattle Area Yoga Studios & Yoga Teachers in 2020

If you are a local yoga studio or yoga teacher and you are going through financial hardship during the Coronavirus crisis, we are happy to provide you with our advertising services for free for the rest of the year. We will help you promote all your events (virtual or physical once physical distancing restrictions are lifted) via our digital assets which include our website, our social media accounts and our weekly email community update. Please reach out to us to get started.

As a media organization, we are able to cover our costs and sustain ourselves via advertising revenue so we are very grateful for the advertising partners we work with as their financial support enables us to continue being a resource for the local yoga community. However, given that many of our advertising partners may be going through hard financial times due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will work with each one of them individually to adjust, pause or postpone billing – while continuing to provide them with support during the Coronavirus crisis.

We Need Your Input & Suggestions

We are living in unprecedented times and as a media organization we want to hear from you – the yoga community in the Seattle area – about your needs and challenges during these times of self isolation and physical distancing. We would love to hear what kind of content you would like to see us create to address your needs. Your feedback and all your suggestions are welcome. Please send us a message and let us know.

Stay safe!