It can be difficult to find time to commit to your yoga practice. However, with just a few minutes each day, you can improve your practice while linking the body, breath and mind. Use this sequence whenever you have a few minutes to connect to your breath and find balance.

Warm up with a few rounds of Sun Salutation A, focusing on linking your postures with your breath.

Take a few moments to rest in Child’s pose so you can set an intention for your practice or your day. 1-child-pose-yoga

When you’re ready, inhale as you make your way to cobra, and engage the core as you lift your hands off the ground while suspending your breath. Exhale as you take your hands back to the ground and move back to child’s pose. Move through these poses three to five times.


On your next inhale, lift your torso off the ground so you’re up on your knees. Exhale at the top, and on your next inhale, reach your hands behind you, interlace your fingers and open your chest.


As you exhale, move through hands and knees, shifting into gate pose. Take a nice long inhale as you lift your top hand up, opening your chest. Don’t forget to repeat on the opposite side.


Move back through hands and knees before coming to a comfortable seated position. Bring the knees in close to your chest as you exhale. Continue to breathe as you rock in this position.


Shift the soles of your feet, back and hips to the ground. Inhale as you lift your hips and arms. Exhale your hips and arms back to the ground. Repeat three to five times or add a block under your hips for a static hold.


For your final pose before Savasana, take the soles of your feet and your hips back to the mat. Lift your right leg and place your right ankle over the left knee. Either stay here or lift your left leg off the mat, reaching under your left thigh. Remain here while focusing on breathing. Move to the opposite side before shifting into your final resting pose.


This yoga sequence was created in partnership with Hot Feet Fitness in Burien offering yoga and HIIT workouts. The yoga poses were demonstrated by Jennifer S. and the pictures taken by Sukha Design and Photography.

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