Deva Premal and Miten began their voyage together in the 1990s. Their love for each other, and music, has allowed them to travel worldwide and share their unique music genre.

The foundation of their music comes from India and Tibet’s ancient mantras, which are spiritually based songs. Their 2014 Mantras for Life tour, stopped in Seattle on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at the Center for Spiritual Living (5801 Sand Point Way NE). About 600 fans attended, including small, local businesses who showcased their products. Premal began the program with an opening mantra, often described by many as the “timeless sounds.” Someone who has never attended one of their concerts might find it strange that the audience was invited to experience the music without the customary applause. Premal and Miten believe the silence after the mantras is important. They believe it is a powerful element that allows them to deeply connect with the audience and provides space for introspection. After a moment of silence, they continued the soft sounding mantras as the lyrics were projected on the wall behind them, giving the audience the opportunity to sing along. Some fans didn’t need the lyrics, as they already knew the words and just sang with their eyes closed, completely lost in the moment. Manose, originally from Nepal, is the group’s bamboo flute musician. He captured the audience with his earthy presence and passion for music.

The series of mantras, the voices and all of the musical elements incorporated by the five musicians took the audience on a spiritual adventure.


Deva’s message for the audience was that “we just need that sense of gratitude,” for the “life that we live.” She noted that you should never get “over-Om-ed” – even though you might hear a lot of “Oms,” you shouldn’t lose the value that it holds.

Miten spoke about their journey through the many mantras they have sang together. He described how each and every time the songs take them some place else, both geographically and spiritually, it feel even more enriching. This endless journey, he believes, is about allowing yourself to trust not only the sound of music, but also your inner voice.

“The true purpose of our music is to awaken a longing in the heart for that which is omnipresent: the experience of silence and meditation. It’s not about entertainment – it is simply our spiritual practice,” Miten said.

Later in the performance, Miten referred to the four musicians on stage as “the four angels.” The musicians performed in angelic harmony.

The concert served as a welcoming and pure spiritual journey for those in attendance.


Curious about Deva & Miten’ music? we invite you to listen to it and buy one of their album.

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