I practice a different kind of yoga. I do not do Sun Salutations at 7:30 at night and I don’t do crunches while in Supta Baddha Konasana.

I practice a yoga that does not care about what I am wearing or how far I twist.

I practice a yoga that recognizes that my hips may not turn like your hips in Warrior II, but that’s OK.

I practice my yoga, in my reality, and recognize that it may not be your reality, and that’s OK.

I practice a yoga that makes me feel light and whole, and liberated yet supported, at the same time.

I practice a yoga that allows me to tap into my True Self and gather the best ideas and answers that only tapping into the universe could answer.

I practice a yoga that allows me to relax enough to challenge my body and mind, so that I might take on difficult situations when I am off my mat and in my world.

I practice a yoga that stems deep within the Vedic culture to balance my doshas, for my optimum health.

I practice a yoga that honors the word “yoga”; to yolk, to bind together. The practice of yolking breath and body, is in itself, is a practice.

These brief moments of yolked bliss do not come because your teacher tells you to breathe when she wants you to breathe and to move to the routine of her cued music.

This harmony and connection comes to us after years of practice, years of stripping away our conscious mind, years of sitting and working on ourselves, and years of finding “our yolk”.

A golden honey-like yolk, the soma that drips from our penal glad, the sacred spot behind our eye brows, sweetens the backs of our throats to ignite our souls as we meditate and move as one divine whole.

I practice Tantra (Kaula) Yoga because it gives me strength in both body and mind.

It engages my core, to power me through my life.

It makes me sweat because working on myself is hard work.

It gives me confidence to let go of the unnecessary and the knowledge to know what to hold on to.

It increases my endurance, because I take responsibility to only push myself as far as I want to push myself that day, and I can push myself far enough.

It gives me the permission to relax, because once relaxed I can do more than I thought I ever could.

It presents the sound around my silence and I can listen to what my body needs in that moment of silence.

It allows me to break away from my ego, releasing my True Self into this world.

Once I let go – I can float with soft edges through this world.

I practice a different kind of yoga because Tantra Yoga is my daily practice of continuing to discover me succeeding at my most passionate life.

Tantra helps me get there with asanas that are gentle, yet firm.

It allows me to practice beyond competition and physical appearance but into a meditative experience of my True Self.

Tantra (Kaula) Yoga teaches subconscious relaxation. With regular practice I integrate serenity into all day life and subsequently transcend to a wholesome perspective of myself and my environment.

As we develop a spiritual identity, we flow towards a loved fulfilled life and absolute personal freedom.

Take a deep breath in.

Take a deep breath out.


Let go and start succeeding at your most passionate life.

– LeLa Becker

P.S. Remember, “Stay Floppy Seattle.”

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