Why do you do yoga? There are many different answers that often all share a similar trait: SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

We do yoga to demonstrate self-love, help ourselves heal, to empower ourselves to feel better, grow our confidence, and spark our enthusiasm to experience our best selves! On the mat, you are empowered to try, make mistakes and still be fully accepted. Your interests are met with gusto; the importance and joy of your hard work are recognized and encouraged.

This is the lesson of the Lotus blossom, one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and a symbol of compassion, wisdom, and spiritual growth. It is an ancient symbol of our planet. Growing in muddy waters, and rising above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty in spite of its circumstances.

The medicine of the Lotus to empower oneself to rise above the obstacles through increased devotion to peaceful expansion.

Just like yoga teaches us to be self-reliant, when you come to class, you come for yourself. When you live in an empowered way, you prioritize what you need and live in alignment with what maintains harmony for your heart. You have the strength to be independent. Listen to your soul’s wisdom for how you want to live and then just do it by taking responsibility for your own growth and happiness.

Physically this feeling of self-reliance has to do a lot with our foundation just like the lotus is also a symbol of earth energy. For instance, in downward facing dog pose, your hands are as important as your feet. This is because the foundation is about growing your heart and feeling your strength. All the while your breath nurtures you and makes you feel stronger. Self-doubt and insecurity melt away.

Spending time on our mat is an easy way to practice empowerment. Each pose is like a day in our life where we can validate ourselves for our efforts. Pose to pose, the spirit of our efforts is proof enough in practice. And the person whose opinion matters the most is our own.

Discover for yourself that you can face anything! You can rise up from the murkiest of conditions. Remember the teaching, “no muck, no lotus.” No matter the circumstances a happy life depends on you being empowered to love yourself, love your day, love your life, Silvia

To learn more firsthand about the power of the Lotus Flower, register for Northwest Yoga Conference and come to Silvia’s Alchemy of Love: Drinking the Lotus class on February 12th from 4pm-6pm. Go here to save your spot for the workshop.


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