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Are you ready to begin 2020 with clear vision and purpose? Join BYB teacher Hilary for this powerful practice of 108 Sun Salutations. A new year is a time of celebration, unlimited possibilities, and unbounded energy. The theme for this one is CLARITY as this is the year 2020.

Why 108? 108 is a sacred number used for mantra recitation, and other sacred and transformational practices. One of the best ways through a major transition is to flow through 108 sun salutations. There’s nothing quite like it. It is a physical and mental challenge, and a deeply spiritual meditation in motion. The body and the group as a whole find a rhythm and the repetitive movements create a movement meditation. You can always pause in child’s pose or make modifications to the series for the sake of wrists or back (or any other) pain. You can stop if needed and just feel the energy. We will do a variety of different salutations, including Sun A, Sun B and Sun C. Every time we reach an Upward Salute, that will symbolize one sun salute. This practice will take about two hours. Chaturanga is optional. We will warm up and wind down as part of the experience. Let’s breathe, flow, and set those intentions in motion together as a community. All levels are welcome.

Date & Time:

  • Wednesday, January 1st, 2020
  • From 11am – 1pm

Cost: $30 presale $35 day of.


About the instructor: Hilary Paris

Hilary Paris


Hilary Paris has been working with people in the world of yoga and wellness since 2007. Her classes are inclusive, fun and challenging. Hilary encourages people to check their ego at the door, to let go and have fun because life is so much more than just looking like a human pretzel in your yoga class! Hilary will help you tap into your authentic self. She is a mom of two young boys, and one dog, and she enjoys the outdoors, dancing and being silly. Hilary teaches all formats except the 26, leads teacher trainings and retreats. She also works with people 1:1.

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