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Weekend One – 10 hours – The Practice & Posturing

Providing proper assisting is paramount in the yoga practice, teacher or student alike. The student gets the opportunity to have a feeling of what the pose should feel like without being stuck in personal habitual movement. The teacher provides safe techniques to move the student further into what it means to embody the universal archetype. For both parties, it is truly liberating. This weekend intensive will focus on the main poses of yoga (there are only a handful) and will provide the framework to use safe assisting techniques in any version of the posture. All practitioners of the practice will benefit immensely from understanding the archetypal human body and how this fit mirrors the vast cosmos.

Weekend Two – 10 hours – The Practice, Body Reading & Therapeutics

Knowing the maps that are contained within the functional form of the human body allows one to better understand the terrain of the mind. Mapped within the body is one’s personal narrative as well as ancestral stories that deepen one’s connection to lineage, binding one to form. However, hiding within these stories is habitual patterns that pervade how one moves. If not known, this can lead to dysfunctional form, pain and eventually dis-ease. Learning to read another’s body while perceiving where their form is not functioning takes a trained eye. This weekend will work to train your eye to find the imbalance within another’s body. Therapeutic techniques will be taught to help soothe another’s soul, to properly position, and work to free habitual patterning.


Two weekends: 11:30am-2pm & 3-5:30pm both days


  • $330 for Saturday, March 9 & Sunday, 10
  • $330 for Saturday, March 16 & Sunday 17
  • $600 for both weekends

$330 if you register by Feb. 20th, after $360


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