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Our surroundings are an extension and expression of our true self. Join Grace, 500-Hour Purna Yoga Professional, Align & Shine Design co-owner, and Vastu Consultant to learn different ways to create harmony and beauty in your home and life. Learn how the ancient science of Vastu and Feng Shui, along with Heartfull Meditation, lifestyle tips and beautiful objects can transform the energy of your home to support you to feel more alive and radiant!


  • $24
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About the Teacher: Grace Deluz

Grace Deluz Yoga BellevueGrace started studying HeartfullTM Meditation with Savitri in 1995, soon after the birth of her youngest daughter. HeartfullTM Meditation has been crucial in her life; it has given her the support, strength and clarity she needed to overcome very difficult life challenges. Grace teaches meditation from a place of gratitude for all the positive changes she has had in her life since she started meditating and, gratitude for her teacher, Savitri. Grace is a 500HR graduate from the College of Purna Yoga and she continues to study weekly with Savitri.
Additionally, Grace works for Align and Shine Design with Savitri bringing solutions to balance energy in all parts of life and to support people with imbalances created by technology, such as EMF/EMR. Grace also works as a Vastu Consultant helping to improve the quality of people’s lives. Prior to this, Grace was a Software Engineer for many years.

Grace has 3 incredible daughters. She loves making beautiful flower arrangements, traveling and learning.

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