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Alexandria Crow Weekend Yoga Workshop in Seattle

Oct 23, 2015

| $240

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About Alexandria Crow:

Alexandria Crow’s yoga experience has been about transformation. The physical challenges of yoga provided a natural familiarity for the former competitive gymnast, while the philosophy of yoga has given her tools she uses to approach life with a fearless attitude. When her career in the fashion industry proved unfulfilling, Alex turned her attention to yoga. It was during her first teacher training that Alex realized the connection between the physical practice of yoga and the spiritual texts she had been studying. She learned the importance of living in the present and how one’s thoughts do not reflect one’s true self. This lesson and her continued yoga practice transformed her life.

Alex shares her personal experience of the transformative nature of yoga with her students. Her approach to teaching stems from her belief that the practice is for everyone. She guides her students step by step through creative sequences providing all of the components needed for each individual to feel successful. She encourages her students to challenge themselves while focusing on staying conscious of their body’s strengths and limits and making good decisions based on the present moment. Alex’s emphasis on paying attention allows her students to create true change and growth, something they can take with them into their daily lives.

Alex completed an extensive training starting with the YogaWorks 200-Hour Certification Program, followed by a lengthy one-on-one apprenticeship with James Brown (former lead teacher trainer for YogaWorks and founder of American Yoga School) over the course of almost 1,000 studio and classroom hours.   Since 2010, she has been leading 200 and 300-Hour Teacher Trainings in Santa Monica, CA, and various cities around the United States.

Workshop modules:

Wise and Aligned that is Yoga
Friday October 23rd: 6PM – 8:30PM

Over the years, many of us have gone to classes where the Yoga philosophy is casually thrown around, or discussed in a very unclear manner. The Yogic philosophy can actually be a simplistic, accessible, and harmonious part of the Asana practice. In this workshop we’ll discuss the Yogic texts, how they apply to our daily lives, and how to blend their teachings into our physical practice. Learn how teaching wisely, slowly, and with a focus on effort and alignment is teaching the tenants of the yoga philosophy. As a student, this workshop will give you a deeper understanding of the practice on and off the mat. As a teacher, we’ll give you the tools to share Yoga philosophy to your students in a meaningful, personal, and approachable way within the asana practice.

All Things Shoulder – The confusion ends here
Saturday October 24th: 9AM – 12PM

The shoulder joint and shoulder girdle have been mis-taught in yoga for years.  The result of that has left students with weakened rotator cuffs, injuries and limited progress in certain advanced postures.  In this workshop we will discuss how the shoulder works and how it relates to all categories of asana.  The workshop will begin with a lecture on the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder.  Participants will then be led through a practice of postures that relate to the shoulder joint.  Students can expect to learn how to wisely approach postures like chaturanga, downward facing dog, handstand, upward bow, forearm stand, etc, where the shoulder is often misaligned.

Hip Openers – Pigeon and WAY Beyond
Saturday October 24th: 1:30PM – 4:30PM

Open hips mean much more than being able to do pigeon with ease.  Open and strong hips make many of the most sought after poses possible.  The hip is also directly related to the health of the lower back making it an important joint to understand in yourself and in students.  A joint with many different movements that can be affected by many different muscles make the hip complex.  Time will be spent looking at the anatomy of the hip in lecture in a detailed by easy to understand way.  We will then look at all the different hip positions and where the limitations and weakness may occur as related to asana.  By the end students will know how to work towards their goals in their hips wisely.

What. Where. Why. Sequencing in a way that makes sense
Sunday October 25th: 9:30AM  -12PM

The way yoga poses are put together in a class will greatly impact a student’s experience. Preparing and educating the body in a thoughtful way for more difficult poses is the core of a wise and safe yoga practice. But how do yoga poses fit together? And how do you choose their order? In addition perhaps you’ve been teaching for a while now and you’re wanting to get a little more creative or more direct in how you teach the efforts in a pose but still want to do it in a wise and effective way.

In this workshop we’ll explore fundamental poses of the asana practice, how to link them together and why we link certain poses, and how to create a class that is balanced and effective. In addition we’ll discuss how to alter poses to mimic the efforts involved in some of the more challenging arm balances, inversions and backbends.  For teachers and advanced practitioners.

Be Mindful of Your Mouth
Sunday October 25th: 1:30PM – 4:30PM

What you say during a class can have a profound impact on not only the way a student aligns his or her body, but also the way they approach the practice itself. Teaching students healthy alignment habits is key to a healthy life long practice. As teachers, we also need to teach students how to recognize and work with their unique anatomical challenges. We’ll also discuss the stark difference in describing poses, and teaching students how to do a pose using anatomical and muscular efforts.


  • Early Bird Pricing through 9/18
    • $30 for Friday only
    • $240 for Saturday and Sunday


Oct 23, 2015
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