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This workshop is a great chance for you to practice your adjustments, to gain confidence and improve your technique. Work with other college graduates to see and practice on different bodies, so you can develop a better sense of how to safely adjust your beginning students.

We will focus on a particular type of yoga poses, reviewing alignment, actions and the adjustments, plus some “seeing bodies” exercises and other fun stuff (time permitting).

Only open to students who are graduates of Purna Yoga at the 200, 500, and 2,000-Hour levels.

Cost: $65 (members receive 10% OFF)

About the Instructor:Β Erin Honeycutt

Erin Honeycutt Alive and Shine Center BellevueErin is a Certified Purna Yoga Instructor at the 2,000 hour level. He has attended the College of Purna Yoga for his 200 hour, 500 hour and 2,000 hour teacher training courses. He also assists in the 200 hour teacher training program.

He is a senior software developer at Microsoft and understands the stresses of corporate life. Through Purna YogaTM and HeartfullTM Meditation he has learned to mitigate much of the stress and create a more balanced lifestyle.

He enjoys writing and even has a published book of short stories called Allegory. He also likes to play bass guitar. He loves to spend time with his wife, Angelica, who is also a favorite instructor at Alive & Shine Center and play with his daughter, Aurelia.

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