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Asana Deep Dive with Tracy Hodgeman and Chiara Guerrieri

May 21, 2022

| $90 – $300

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[Live Streamed] Deepen Your Asana Series with Nancy Burtenshaw - 8 Limbs Yoga

IN PERSON – Phinney Ridge Studio


12:00-2:30pm Unlock Your Strength and Stability in Standing Balance Poses with Tracy
We’ll approach old favorites like Ardha Chandrasana, Virabhadrasana 3, and Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana with a lens on how to access functional strength for improved joint health and stability for hips, legs and feet.


3:00-5:30pm -Teacher Practicum Integrating Anatomical Terms into Your Practice with Chiara
(300-hour students only)


12:00-2:30pm Unlock Your Strength & Stability in Seated Poses with Tracy
We’ll explore how adding resistance and dynamic movement can awaken dormant core strength and integrate the whole body through familiar poses like Sukhasana, Baddha Konasana, Janu Sirsasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana


3:00-5:30pm Teacher Practicum Integrating Anatomical Terms into Your Practice with Chiara
(300-hour students only)

PUBLIC SIGN UP: Saturday/Sunday 12:00-2:30pm – coming soon!

Cost: $90

300 Hour SIGN UP

Cost: $200

This workshop counts as one 1/2 module (10 hours).

T: 5
PR: 5


Saturday, May 21-22, 2022


Cost: $90-$200



About the instructor:Tracy Hodgeman and Chiara Guerrieri.

Tracy Hodgeman


What to expect in Tracy’s classes: Tracy’s classes are laced with humor, anatomy references, therapeutic movement, self massage, and traditional yoga poses. She emphasizes functional movement, breath, strength/stability/sustainability, and down-regulating the nervous system. All of Tracy’s sessions start with a call for requests- she then creates a custom sequence on the spot based upon what she hears and sees in the room. Tracy draws on her 25+ years of practicing and teaching yoga, and her ongoing study and fascination with all things movement and wellness related, to inform and inspire her offerings. A participant recently summed up her classes as “effective, creative, and fun!”
Main Influences/Styles/Traditions: Tracy started with Iyengar style, which transitioned to a 13 year stint of Ashtanga Vinyasa, followed by Yoga Tune Up® and Viniyoga/therapeutic yoga. She currently studies primarily with Shari Friedric





Chiara Guerrieri Yoga Teacher Seattle


What to expect in ­­­Chiara’s Classes: Chiara teaches us how to connect with the body through the breath, how to track physical sensation moment to moment and how to find an internal sense that guides movement and choices for wellbeing. In both her SoulMat & Hatha yoga classes, expect to go slowly, to pay attention to your body and breath, and to explore alignment. An important aspect of Chiara’s teaching is to help students learn when – and from where – to stabilize or mobilize. Expect the wisdom of a 30-year teaching career, plus a good dose of humor, to infuse each class.
Main Influences/Styles/Traditions: SoulMat with Patrizia Gavoni, Hatha Yoga with Bob Smith, Forrest Yoga with Ana Forrest, Shari Fredrickson, ParaYoga with Rod Stryker, and dance from around the world.


May 21, 2022
$90 – $300
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8 Limbs Yoga Centers


8 Limbs Yoga
Southside Commons, 3518 S Edmunds St
Seattle, WA 98118 United States
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