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Back Arching Poses are an important category of yoga postures. They develop the mobility of the entire back region of the body, are invigorating, and relieve common stiffness and discomfort.

The workshop is for those who would like to learn some of the most foundational backward extensions in a gradual sequential manner.

The workshop is open to all except those with chronic serious back pain who would be better served with private instruction.

One of the best ways to start accessing these poses is to learn how to prepare the body in a supported manner.

We will be working on different variations of Upward Facing Bow (wheel pose) using a chair in various ways to gradually open the chest, prepare the thoracic/dorsal spine, open the groins and abdomen.

Everyone can learn how to practice this pose regardless of their shoulder and wrist flexibility if you learn how to use props effectively.

We will warm up with some of the classic Iyengar Yoga Standing Poses, some easier upward facing dog variations and may end with Viparita Karne, a mild supported inverted pose.

The workshop is a good introduction to experiencing the Legendary Iyengar Yoga known for its Alignment, Precision, Attention to Detail, Sequencing, and Brilliant Uses of Props

The workshop is taught by one of the Northwest’s most experienced yoga teachers with over 3 decades of teaching experience!


Date & Time:

  • Saturday January 4, 2020
  • From 11am-1:15pm

Fees: $40;  $30 if registered by Sunday, December 15th.


About The Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Richard SchachtelRichard is Seattle’s most experienced yoga teacher trainer. He has taught special classes for those wanting to be trained to teach yoga since 1986.
Richard Schachtel has been training in Iyengar Yoga for over 40 years which emphasis developing a practice with a high degree of precision of alignment. He founded The Center For Yoga in 1980 and is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and an authorized Iyengar Yoga Teacher Trainer. He has made 22 yoga study trips to India to personally train with the Iyengar Family most recently in December 2017. Richard is the Seattle Area’s most Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Richard has been training teachers in Seattle since 1986 and has influenced several generations of yoga teachers. There are over 125 recent graduates of this program which is offered also on the weekends, and in 4 week immersions.

He has trained yoga teachers not only in Washington State but teachers from around the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia in his immersion yoga teacher trainings help several times each year in Seattle, and in Goa India each Winter.


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