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Wow! We are so excited about this trip. People often ask us “what is your favorite trip?” In truth, we do not have one, as we LOVE all the places and people where we go. However ….. Bali is special. AND, this will be our BEST BALI RETREAT so far, as we really did some upgrades, changed all the hotels, added some perks, and it will be awesome!

Come join us on our fourth yoga retreat to the magical land of Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese people truly touched our heart on our visits in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Spirit, artistry, kindness and balanced feminine and masculine energy are infused into every aspect of life there. Bali may well be the yoga retreat capital of the world, and we have found the most awesome way to explore Bali!

We will have three trips in one really, with 7 days on Bali, including 4 at the incredible Sarinbuana Eco Retreat Center in the highlands of central Bali. Sarinbuana gets rave reviews on TripAdvisor, and is run by a wonderful, helpful, friendly, passionate, ecologically conscious staff. The hosts have a gift for helping us connect with the wonderful local people, which makes it a special journey. We will receive three healthy meals a day at Saribuena as well as at Gili Asahan.

Theme: Lessons from Rumi

Between all the yoga, meditation, hikes, beaching, etc. we will weave in and explore the wonderful poetry and lessons of Rumi, the enlightened 14th century mystic, who speaks of balancing head with heart, being a child, being in awe, and “escaping the forehead pressure of the mind.”.

Schedule: April 14-24, 2019

Cost: $1,995 for 10 nights


Saribuana also has an incredible, elevated yoga space, overlooking the jungle, for our yoga with Roy and Liz. This part of the trip includes 3 meals a day for the 4 days. We also stay 3 nights on the amazing tiny, tropical island of Gili Asahan, just a two hour boat ride from Bali. Automobiles and motorized traffic are prohibited on the island by local ordinance, so the method of transportation is by foot or horse-drawn carriage. This is similar to one of our other favorite annual destinations, Yelapa, Mexico, where there are no cars. On the island of Gili Asahan we will stay at the beautiful Gili Asahan Eco Center. We only share this remote island with a few local fisherman.

But this is not exactly Giligan’s island, as we will have wonderful beachfront accommodations, an amazing yoga palapa with 360 degree view above the surrounding waters, and great food.As their web site states: “It is our pleasure to welcome you and share the preserved wild beauty of Lombok Barats Gili archipelago. Sun, sea, sand, fish, coral, birdsongs and the cool breeze making its way through the leaves and caressing your tanned and rejuvenated skin.Sunrises and sunsets away from everything submerged in nature without giving up on the comforts of a cozy yet luxurious room and freshly fished sea food cooked at our restaurant Nautilus.”

The tranquil waters surrounding the island are perfect for snorkeling and diving and a great place to swim with turtles. We have use of the round yoga palapa, with daily classes by Roy,but also opportunity to take classes from Liz Gross, who is also a vibrational medicine practitioner and yoga teacher.As if this is not enough, we have also added two nights in the spiritual and yoga center of Ubud, where we will attend a powerful water ritual, visit the Monkey Forest, taste delicious healthy food, maybe do some shopping, and of course, some yoga.

A statue of Buddha in BaliWe will have double rooms for most or all accommodations (there may be a triple for a night or two), so you will not have to share rooms with several people. Our group will bring a maximum of 17 people, so it will not be a big group, more intimate. Again, for our 5 nights at Saribuana and the 3 nights on the island of Gili Asahan you will receive 3 meals a day. The food at Sarbuana is organic and right out of the garden, and they are meticulous about healthy details.

What is included – price includes:

  • 10 nights accommodations (usually two to a room): one night in Serangan, three on the island of Gili Asahana, two in Ubud and five in the mountains of Bali at Sarinbuana
  • Most meals. including 3 meals a day for 7 of the days, as well as all breakfasts
  • Daily morning (and some afternoon) yoga classes by Roy and Liz,
  • Playshops / workshops / Earth Ceremony
  • Bali ground transportation
  • Water transportation to and from Gili Asahan island
  • Ubud water ritual
  • Organic garden tour at Sarinbuana
  • One delicious massage each, ahhhhhh
  • Guided mountain hike
  • One boat snorkel trip on Gili Asahan
  • Shuttle back to the airport on the last day

Your Hosts:

roy-holman Roy Holman: I am a 500 hour Certified Yoga teacher, in the Viniyoga tradition. I teach a safe, gentle, body-friendly, grounded, breath-connected, meditative, flowing traditional hatha yoga – a meditation in motion really. I like to move slow, give time to breathe deeply and savor the poses. I also teach breath-work (pranayama) and meditation, and also try to incorporate the many aspects of emotional healing and balancing I have learned. The meditation is a mindfulness style, with focus on breath awareness, heart opening, body senses, emotional clearing, and connection on all levels (body, breath, emotions, Earth, Spirit).

liz-gross Liz Gross: “I believe all healing involves alignment of the soul with the body.” Liz is a gifted sound and vibration healer, and teaches with Roy on retreats. Liz teaches yoga, meditation, Oneness and often does some of the cooking on our retreats. “When you’re consciously in touch with the life energy within yourself, you have awareness & communication with the flow of energy that connects you to spirit. I feel very passionate about Vibrational Medicine and love working with others in this way & helping others to connect with their purpose and passion in life. Vibrational Energy Medicine brings the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies back into balance, which opens the way for rebuilding the healing systems of the body.”

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