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An 11-WEEK SERIES with Amy (Reed) Aarabi
According to the Yoga tradition, the divine feminine refracts herself into ten forms as a way to express her endless creative power. She takes the shape of ten goddesses, the Dasha Mahavidyas, and reveals herself as the terrifying force of time and death, the grace of endless compassion, the dazzling fecund beauty, the deep capacity for self-sacrifice and a myriad of others.

Each goddess is a reflection of some aspect of our selves. Each week we’ll explore one goddess in a practice that weaves together asana, mantra and meditation. By learning their stories and wisdom teachings each week, we’ll learn more about ourselves and the possibilities of consciousness. This practice is open to all levels.

Please note: This 11-week series is meant to be taken completely and consecutively for holistic teaching of the Mahavidyas, however, drop-ins are also welcome.


  • Mondays, February 12 – April 30,
  • 8:15 am – 9:45 am
  • There will be no class on Monday, February 26.

Tuition: Class package, drop-in, or Monthly Membership accepted

Please note: You will need to sign up for each of the 11 classes individually.

About the Instructor: Amy (Reed) Aarabi

Amy Reed Yoga SeattleAmy is a scientist, an artist and an entirely practical mystic. She’s been a devoted student and teacher of yoga and meditation for over 15 and 10 years respectively. She likes to keep it real, teaching from her everyday experience with authenticity and humor. She’s known for her precise alignment instruction, as well as her clarity, sweetness and enthusiasm. She believes every pose is a doorway to meet more of our selves AND that being consciously embodied is a radical act. Her highest aim is to offer her students tools to empower themselves in their bodies, minds and hearts. In addition to public classes, she offers private & therapeutic instruction, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings around North America. You can learn more about her at amyreedyoga.com.

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