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Enjoy YOGA and Stretching with Elizabeth Kovar at our new location: TRIBE Fitness.
All classes are FREE to LGBTQ elders, their care providers and allies!

Experience with yoga or stretching is not required. This class is designed to be approachable by all populations, regardless of fitness level.Moves in class are broken down in a slow and manageable manner.

The intention of the class is to move a little and have a lot of fun–even if you don’t perform each move perfectly.

Dates & Time:

  • Mondays @ 3 pm – 4 pm
  • Saturdays @11 am – 12 pm


About the instructor: Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth KovarElizabeth Kovar is a Mind-Body Movement Specialist who bridges the gap between the east and west and embraces the best of both worlds.
In 2007, she earned 318 hours in Ashtanga yoga and Chakra Meditation from the Ayurveda Yoga Retreat in Coonoor, India with guru, Dr. Senthil R. Kumar. In 2008, she lived in the Yoga in Daily Life Ashram in Brisbane, Australia to volunteer work (WOOF) in marketing and admin while continuing her studies in Raja and Hatha yoga. She proceeded to take additional classes and workshops throughout Asia including the Evolution Yoga Conference in Hong Kong.
After her travels, she returned to Ohio to obtain a Master’s Degree in Recreation and Tourism, where she continued to study yoga and volunteered for IAYT SYTAR conference. Her Master’s Thesis: “Creating Yoga Programs for People with Movement Disabilities,” which was implemented on a 12-week research study for individuals with Stage 1-2 Parkinson’s Disease. This study was implemented and collaborated with University of Toledo’s Neurology and Physical Therapy Department.

Today, Elizabeth has taught thousands of hours of yoga including working with special populations such as MS, Parkinson’s, Seniors, disabled, arthritis & diabetes.

Kovar is also an award-winning personal trainer and integrates concepts of training into yoga classes for chronic pain and injury prevention. She was ‘s 2014 “Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America” and PFP Media’s Personal Trainer of the Month – November 2016.

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