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A Healing Series for Seeing and Being Seen

What are the root causes of suffering in your physical and emotional body and how have they affected your relationship with the world around you? Rather than hiding your pain, can you look with curiosity and compassion, finding an expanded sense of self in the process? We will explore these questions and more in this four-week, integrated healing series.

“In-Visible” is a journey in four parts. Once a week, we will come together for a healing deep dive, exploring our stories and connecting as a community. Over the course of four sessions, Josephine will guide a wide range of healing practices including meditation, guided Breathwork, Hatha, Kundalini and Restorative yoga. Together, we will share our stories through speaking and journaling, as well as other creative outlets.

This series is for anyone interested in reducing anxiety, building resiliency, and being seen more fully. “In-Visible” was designed as an integrated series, allowing the same people to build a community each week and create a safe space for healing. There are limited spots available.

Session 1 /  Connection + Grounding

Session 2 /  Trust + Awareness

Session 3 /  Boundaries + Courage

Session 4 / Strength + Intuition

2 Full scholarships available / email jojie@josephineedmondson.com if seeking scholarship


Date & Time:

Feb. 1st, 2020 @1:30-3:30p

Feb. 6th, 2020 @7:30-9p

Feb. 15th, 2020 @1:30-3:30p

Feb. 20th, 2020 @7:30-9p


Investment: $200


About the instructor: Josephine Edmondson

Josephine is known for her poetic, free-spirited approach to teaching yoga. Her classes are shaped by intimate breathwork, deep meditation, mindful movement and immediate presence.

She encourages you as a student to slowly sense and trust your intuition, becoming conscious and awake in the body. This process helps to retrieve your inner power, allowing you to tune in fully, instead of suffering and numbing out.

Josephine’s style of yoga is inspired by kundalini, kripalu, tantra, restorative and yin styles. She has studied under David Elliott, Guru Jagat, Krishna Kaur, Danny Arguetty and Priti Robin Ross over the last nine years.

If you have a hunger for a deeply meaningful practice, and want tools to help navigate the external world, come to Jo’s class. It will be a lovely homecoming.



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