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This is a 4-Week Course of Pranayama, the Yoga Art of Breath Control. Meets 4 Saturdays 3:00pm-4:15pm September 3-28, 2019

In the first part of each session, workshop participants will have a chance to learn and experience several of the most effective restorative poses which draw your mind inward, open your chest and prepare the mind and body for the subtle practice of pranayama.

Many of these poses are gentle supported backarches on bolsters or specialized yoga pillows.

In the second part of each class session, students will learn and experience several beginning pranayama (yoga breathing) exercises.

Pranayama is a part of yoga practice where the breathing is done consciously and deliberately to awaken its potential, to develop our capacity for concentration, to soothe the mind, and to revitalize our energy pools.

Few instructors teach pranayama in Seattle.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn some basics from 1 of the Northwest’s most experienced Yoga Teachers. Please sign up early!

Richard has taught yoga in Seattle for over 40 years. He has trained in India with BKS and Geeta Iyengar in 23 trips since 1980. He is the Founder and Director of The Center For Yoga of Seattle.

Fee: $100. There is limited space in this workshop. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Early Registration Fee is $100 if registered Here by Friday, August 31, 2019.

No refunds for cancellations.

No credit for canceling or non-attendance.


About the instructor: Richard Schachtel
Richard Schachtel


Richard Schachtel has been training in Iyengar Yoga for over 40 years. He founded The Center For Yoga in 1980 and is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and an authorized Iyengar Yoga Teacher Trainer. He has made 22 yoga study trips to India to personally train with the Iyengar Family most recently in December 2016. Richard is the Seattle Area’s most Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Richard has been training teachers in Seattle since 1986 and has influenced several generations of yoga teachers. There are over 100 recent graduates of this program which is offered also on the weekends and in 4-week immersions. Richard has taught yoga workshops throughout the USA, at several Iyenger Yoga National Convent Conventions, in Australia and India, and taught this spring in China.

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