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Jason Crandell Weekend Yoga Workshop in Seattle

Sep 11, 2015

| $275 – $325

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Join Jason Crandell–named one of the next generation of yoga teachers by Yoga Journal–for a 5 module weekend of POWER+PRECISION+MINDFULNESS. This weekend will guide you through all of the regions of your body in an organized, comprehensive way, building greater depth, intelligence, and sustainability in your flow practice for years to come. Each workshop will begin with a brief, accessible discussion of the related anatomy, injury prevention and philosophical precepts then move into a thoroughly satisfying flow practice.

Friday PM 6-8:30- Strong + Integrated Core

Developing strength and awareness in your core is not only flattering, it sets the stage for greater depth, steadiness, and ease in the rest of your practice. In this workshop you’ll learn how to strengthen and integrate your mid-section in creative, effective, lasting ways. You can expect a thorough, intelligent sequence that includes plenty of abdominal work, inversions, twists and side-bends.

Sat AM 10-12:30 – Open + Strong + Balanced Shoulders

This workshop will provide you with a sound, rational approach for keeping your shoulders safe and balanced in vinyasa yoga. You will learn how to use your scapulae more effectively and how to release chronic tension in your neck and upper-back. In this flow practice, you will how slight modifications to common postures like chaturanga, cobra and upward-facing bow can keep you and your students safe. You’ll also learn several new postures that will keep this region safe and sound.

Sat PM 2:30-4:30 – Open Your Hips + Free Your Spine

Understanding the relationship between your pelvis and spine is the key to a long, healthy and satisfying practice. This practice will demystify the complexity of these regions and provide you with an organized, accessible way to cultivate long, lasting balance in your hips and spine. You’ll have a long, thorough practice that strengthens and stretches each muscle group of the pelvis and takes your spine through its entire range of movement. You’ll delve into a balanced array of hip-openers, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, and side-bends

Sun AM 10-12:30 – Arm Balances Demystified

Bakasana, vasisthasana, handstand and their many variations form the foundation of nearly every arm balance in contemporary yoga. When you refine the actions of these postures—and learn to stay calm when practicing them— many of the more complex arm-balances become accessible. In this practice you will learn to categorize various arm-balances into approachable groups and learn how to prepare for them. You’ll get to explore these postures and many of their common—and uncommon—variations. Expect an educational sequence and a full, satisfying practice.

Sun PM 2:30-4:30 – Freedom + Clarity: Deeper Backbends Without Struggle or Strain

Practiced skillfully, backbends awaken the spine and clear the mind. Unfortunately, we can also compress the lower back and over-expose the front-body if we are too aggressive or performance oriented. This workshop will teach you to find greater depth—and greater comfort—in your backbends by using your arms, legs, and spine more effectively.



Sep 11, 2015
$275 – $325
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Yoga Lab Northwest


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