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Join Eric Rabena & Adrienne Kimberley Rabena in the Sacred Valley, Peru!

Mystical and ancient,
Revered and communal,
A vast land to divulge in your love for adventure,
explore and implore your life in this beautiful sacred valley.

Feast your senses on the delights of Peru.

Peru is a not-so-far-away land that beckons you to explore. Destination Peru piques wonderment and wandering with its rich history, diverse ecosystem, and stunning topography. It’s an experience that welcomes you with authentic native food, culture, and folklore.

Mother Nature offers her love and gives you space to expand, connect, heal, and explore.

What’s included:

  • 7-night’s accommodations
  • 3 whole foods meals by Martin each day featuring fresh, organic ingredients and local cuisine
  • Group transport to and from the airport (we will have to coordinate our flights)
  • Daily yoga including mantra, pranayama, guided meditation, and asana
  • 2-day/1-night tour of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu
  • Personal time to rest, relax, and heal or to explore, shop, and adventure!

The Yoga:

The yoga is in every waking moment.

Slowly awaken to the buzz of the Peruvian life and bask in the warm hug of the rainforest air. Nourish with the native food of this foreign world. Mosey your way to the sacred yoga shala onto the healing space of your yoga mat, where Adrienne and Eric will guide you through the heartfelt experience of their personal yoga practices. We encourage you to begin the healing from the inside-out and explore your inner landscape through mantra, pranayama, guided meditation, and asana.

The Excursion:

Bask in the history and lore on a guided 2-day tour through the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, “City of Light”. We’ll drive through native villages, sacred sites, and we will spend some time in the Incan town of Ollantaytambo, a picturesque, wondrous archaeological site. Our overnight accommodations for this excursion are in Aguascalientes, where we will drop into the gentle pulse of the river, and enjoy breakfast together in the jungle.

Other (optional) Things to Do:

The magic of Peru is that it offers sanctuary for healing as well as a plethora of adventures—and we will have plenty of personal time to “retreat” by our own definition. We plan to do all the things while in this amazing landscape, and you are welcome to join in or simply stay at the retreat center to rest. These are not included in the tuition price.

To Heal

  • Bodywork and spa treatments
  • Traditional Incan ceremony
  • Coca leaf readings

To Explore

  • Sacred Site Tours
  • Hikes in the foothills to nearby waterfall
  • Shop local villages

Schedule: Sep. 15th-22nd, 2018

Pricing and Accommodations:

The Sach’a Munay retreat and yoga center is nestled in the Andes Mountains and features a perfect landscape in the rainforest landscape. The local healers, known as curanderos and pacos, offer healing rituals and Despacho ceremony!

Each room is an experience beautiful world, allowing for personal, as well as communal space to gather. Many who have experienced the healing vibes of Sach’a Munay say it is blissful and theraputic.

  • Early bird price #1 — $300 off for shared occupancy (ends march 15th)
    shared occupancy (2-3 people per room): $2,045 per person
    single occupancy (private room): $2,745 per perso
  • Early-ish bird price #2—$200 off for shared occupancy (ends june 15th)
    shared occupancy (2-3 people per room): $2,145 per perso
    single occupancy (private room): $2,745 per perso
  • Full price (begins June 16)
    shared occupancy (2-3 people per room): $2,395 per person
    single occupancy (private room): $2,745 per perso

The fine print: All prices are per person, and a $350 non-refundable deposit locks in your tuition rate and your spot! A $35 processing fee will be added to the tuition rate upon registration.

About Adrienne Kimberley (in her own words):


My journey began with an undeniable call to teach yoga. I left a business gig in Chicago and told myself that if it didn’t work out, I could always go back to the desk if I needed. I come from humble roots, so I felt I had nothing to lose——that was five years ago.

I moved to Seattle without knowing this city or knowing a soul (except my boyfriend at the time). The stars aligned in my favor, as they do when you follow your heart, and I began teaching at a handful of brand new studios that all began to flourish, defining a new wave of athletic, musical yoga in Seattle.

My yoga style evolved and blossomed, and it still shifts and changes daily.

I call what I teach “creative and intelligent vinyasa flow.” It is a unique and powerful class that combines rhythmic, dancey breath-led movement with structured anatomical opening for a peak posture. My fluid yet pragmatic style is challenging, inspiring and enrapturing. I am fiercely dedicated to intuitive and flowing movement, and I delight in the challenge to choreograph beautiful, intelligent transitions.

Ultimately, though, I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love to challenge conformity and envision new possibilities. I co-design the curriculum for teacher trainings and workshops throughout Seattle, scout and lead local and international retreats, and I spearhead events and collaborations. I co-founded Down Dog App, created the method for, and co-own, Barre Bohemian, and designed Seattle’s only mobile yoga teacher training program: The Craft of Teaching Yoga.

Yoga is the underscore of everything in my life, and because of that, I cannot help but share it with anyone who crosses my path.

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