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Kat Villain – Weekend of Katonah Yoga

Jul 14, 2018

| $40 – $140

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Katonah Yoga Immersion- 10 Hours with Kat Villain Bainbridge Yoga House

BYH is honored to host guest teacher Kat Vallain author of book, Yoga as Origami and exceptional yoga instructor from Canada. Kat gleans her teaching from Katonah Yoga in NY and will undoubtedly inspire, inform and introduce a new way of practicing yoga for longevity and joy. This workshop is open to all – beginners to seasoned practitioners.

#1 Introduction to Katonah Yoga

The body is the measuring stick of the cosmos and is designed in perfect proportion. To understand one’s body is to understand the vaster functioning of the universe. This personal pattern fits itself and then fits universe when well folded. Using the body as origami is a pragmatic and esoteric way in which to move efficiently throughout one’s physical structure. The precision of the folds in the practice irons out the wrinkles in the body, freeing out the habits in the mind. The body is the mind and wherever a density lies in the body is where the mind does not measure up. The better one can fold oneself, the more one can learn to work smart, using the geometry of the body, as oppose to working hard, which relies upon the muscles of the body. This practice is to find more ease in everyday life by virtue of finding it in the body. This workshop will focus on training the practitioner to use the intelligent fit and efficient design of the human body in order to move through life with more ease.

#2 A Seasonal Practice

This workshop will train the practitioner in engaging and participating in a seasonal dialogue using specific yoga poses as a means to achieve harmony with one’s external surroundings. The daoist maxim of “who are we to go against the 10,000 laws of nature” will be used as the framework to enable one to live a skillful life that is invariably in flux. Nature is cyclical and the more clearly one can open up one’s senses to perceive what is going on around oneself, the easier it becomes to move through life with utmost ease. As the seasons change, the yoga practice should mirror these changes, merging one to Nature’s timeless laws. In summer we go out, participating in community and when the flip of winter arrives we are prepared to go into our caves to develop insights. This workshop will move through each season giving the practitioner appropriate tools to align with their circumstances.

#3 Adjustment Workshop

The true magic of practicing in community is that it allows one to leverage one’s circumstances. To practice beside another person is to truly show yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, knowing that a supportive and nurturing environment is where a lot of growth can take place. It is very hard to see our blind spots, and that is why we have friends to tell us when our behaviour is not measuring up. In the practice, when the pose does not measure up, one is typically lacking technique, formula, and ingredients. It is only when shown the proper proportions that one can transcend their personal frame of reference. This workshop will be heavily focused on working as a community to break through the personal technique that is holding us back. Learning how to adjust each others postures will be the focus of this class. It is when a friend has our back that we feel truly supported.

#4 Unwind the Spine

This workshop focuses upon spinal fluidity. The spine is the centre of our health, the heart of our nervous system. Esoterically the spine is our celestial pillar, the gateway between the cosmos and the planet and the highway from the primitive to the conscious. As gravity pulls our spines down we need tools and techniques to manipulate gravity. This workshop is focused on unwinding the spine, unraveling and relinquishing deeply held patterns that lie within. To have a healthy and supple spine is the gateway into an elevated vision. Techniques will be utilized to inform the flow and fluidity of our spine, allowing us to emulate this fluidity in our everyday lives. Liberation within the confines of our body starts with our physical vessel and a liberated body is a liberated mind. Come prepared to unwind to upbeat music. The practice will be followed by a Yoga Nidra to reset the nervous system.


  • Saturday, Jul. 14th, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Sunday, Jul. 15th, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


  • $140 for all four workshops or
  • $40 for individual workshops


Jul 14, 2018
$40 – $140
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Bainbridge Yoga House
(206) 451-4796


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