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Mindfulness Tools For Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainly, many are drawn toward a search for meaning and comfort in their lives. Through difficulty, we are pulled toward what really matters to us.

In this 4 week series we will learn basic tools of mindfulness practice. We will work with cultivating presence through awareness of breath, body sensations, and the intentional cultivation of kindness (toward self and others). As concentration grows, often there is a deepening in our lives.

When we work with mindfulness, we expand our ability to be with things just as they are, to hold the joy and pain of life with kindness and care and without the self judgement that plagues so many of us, so much of the time.

In this class, we will work to create a community of support to help us open to our moment to moment experience more fully and with with greater ease.


Dates & Time: Tuesdays, May 5-26th 6-7 pm
Cost: $50
Zoom Link:  https://zoom.us/j/636003861


About the instructor: Kim Tull-Esterbrook


Kim Tull-Esterbrook is certified through both the 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs at Whole Life Yoga, and is the current owner of Whole Life Yoga Studio. Kim uses yoga as a tool to help her know and understand herself and the world more fully. She has found that yoga, as a practice, helps her move with courage and grace through all the beautiful and challenging things she finds through that searching. She is drawn to the deeper tools of practice and she tries to infuse her asana classes with the richness of the other limbs of yoga. She is drawn to mediation, myth, and sound. She delights in ritual and play, and feels incredibly blessed that her path has led her to the viniyoga tradition. In taking leadership of Whole Life Yoga, she hopes to nurture and foster the vibrant community that already exists and offer practices and tools to deepen connection to self, to spirit, and to one another.

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