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Saturday Free Guided Meditation class. Easy, practical and useful. Meditate for spiritual awakening , peace, joy & health. Register now!

Meditate, meet and get motivated.
You learn and practice meditation and learn how to apply it to different and difficult situations in life.

How to join? https://zoom.us/j/9181716151

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We recommend joining by laptop for better experience. All levels welcome.

You will find experience of this online class very real life like and in fact more attentive and personal.

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What meditation technique is used?

The gentle and easy technique shared is known as ‘Sahaja Yoga’ meditation and is practiced in more than 100 countries and is always free. It was founded in 1970 by- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. When practiced for 10 minutes a day it can lead to dramatic positive change in your personal life – even after one week of practice!

More at: https://sahajayogareview.wordpress.com/

You can join up to 30 minutes before start of event if you have some queries or would like some one to one help. This is a recurring session that serves beginners and above. No prior experience needed. After few sessions you are placed in next level where introduction is skipped and we share more techniques.

Expected Outcome of class?
1. Learn how to meditate at home
2. Learn best practices and techniques
3. Experience the ‘awakening’ of healing energy within us that gives peace and balance
4. Acquire Sahaja Yoga meditation toolkit resources to apply techniques learnt in daily life

Schedule: Saturdays, March 27th – December 25th, 2021 @8pm

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