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[Live Streamed] Yoga and Feldenkrais with Joanna Dunn & Debra Lerman

Apr 17, 2022

| $45 – $90

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[Live Streamed] Yoga and Feldenkrais with Joanna Dunn & Debra Lerman - Joanna Dunn

Yoga and Feldenkrais:

explorations to integrate body and mind

co-taught with Debra Lerman, Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais® Practitioner

Saturday & Sunday, April 17-18 | 10:30-12:30am Pacific Time*

Our theme for these two paired workshops are the Myofascial Meridians:

the Lateral Line and the Spiral Line (SFL)

Movement becomes the metaphor and vehicle for moving beyond our perceived limitations.”- Debra Lerman

Saturday: Lateral Line – Side bending

Sunday: Spiral Line – Twisting

Join us for one or both workshops as we explore the body through Feldenkrais ATM (Awareness Through Movement) and through traditional Yoga Asana. We will begin with a brief introduction to the Anatomy of the Meridian followed by a Feldenkrais practice to address restriction or lack of integration within the meridian. Following a short break, we will take our learnings into a traditional yoga practice in which we may feel or experience the results of the Feldenkrais session through poses and movements that further explore the specific meridian of the day.

Moshe Feldenkrais wrote about the common experience of developing our skills to the minimum needed to function as a “productive member of society”. The exception being the individual that continued to excel beyond that norm considered a genius or exceptional. His belief that each one of us had the ability to take action way beyond the limitations of our beliefs are impeded in our self image, one that he considered immature. He used evolutionarily and developmentally based movement sequences to help us access the innate learning ability of our nervous systems which have allowed us survive individually and as a species.

Learn more about Debra Lerman on her website: DebraLerman.com

These workshops are exploratory and we welcome all curious “Somanauts” to come play with us! These two workshops might specifically benefit those with movement restrictions in the front or back of the body.

$55 per workshop/Early bird pricing by April 10: $45

Register for both workshops for $90/Early bird pricing by April 10: $80

* This workshop will be recorded. If you can’t attend live but would like the recording, please just pre-register and the recording will be sent out in the 24 hours after the workshop is completed. The recording will be available for one month.



About the instructors: Joanna Dunn & Debra Lerman



A yoga teacher since 2001, Joanna’s background is eclectic. She teaches a variety of styles, including beginner level alignment, a Level 2 slow paced Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative as well as somatic movement and meditation. Her teaching is influenced by Iyengar-based teachers, Judith Lasater (Restorative yoga), Kathryn Payne (Pranayama) and Theresa Elliott (alignment, sequencing, and Vinyasa). Her primary influences from her early studies also include choreographed multidimensional vinyasa of Lynn Kingston and the accessible, gentle yoga of Kripalu. Joanna is currently studying with Tias and Surya Little of Prajna Yoga. Prajna fuses traditional yoga practices (Ashtanga and Iyengar) with the energy body wisdom of yoga and Chinese Medicine, Meditation of Buddhism and somatic movement of Feldenkrais and Hanna.



Debra Lerman


I bring all that I know to my work: My early years as a dancer and massage therapist, 40+ years of experience with moving bodies of all shapes and ages, my 30 years as a physical therapist, and my 20 years of teaching the Feldenkrais work, in order to help people find comfort, ease, and power in simple human functions. How we use our bodies and ourselves is the physical picture of our level of well-being and potency. The organization or our skeleton and muscles are as individual as our height, the length and tonus of our muscles, and our history.


Apr 17, 2022
$45 – $90
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Joanna Dunn Yoga
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