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Restorative yoga is like a human reset button – it activates the relaxation response in our minds and bodies. It’s an embodied meditation that creates relaxation “from the inside out”, calms the mind, balances the nervous system, relieves anxiety, and improves your body’s natural capacity to heal.

We’ll settle in stillness within the shapes, move through breath work and smooth transitions, then deeply relax at the end with a double assist (four hands on you at once) savasana and guided meditation.

Date & Time: 

Cost: $40


About the instructors: 

Ginger Saunders

Ginger Saunders

Ginger discovered her Yoga practice nine years ago, when in 2006, she started volunteering for Yogahope, an organization which provides yoga for women in rehabilitation programs at the Genesis House in Seattle.  Shortly after, she attended teacher training classes with Bob Smith and Ki McGraw at the Hatha Yoga Center.  After a year, she joined Bob and Ki to their annual intensive teacher training in Bali, where she received her 200 hour registered yoga teacher certificate. Ginger’s style of teaching is a unique blend of all the classes and training she has ever attended. From restorative gentle soothing hands-on yoga, effortlessly moving in a meditative flow, to deep edge-riding power vinyasa yoga, strengthening your true inner core. Her intention as a yoga teacher is to create space in your body for your inner teacher to shine through, so you can be. breathe. practice.


Rae Helsel

Rae Helsel

I found yoga when I was going through chemo for stage three melanoma. In the midst of the chaos of surgery and treatment, it was the first time I experienced a release from the anxiety in my body and my mind through deep breathing and gentle movements. I was hooked.

As I recovered I continued to practice, study, and train, and I loved the way that it brought more balance not just to my body, but also my life. My practice began to alternate between vigorous flow and grounding restoratives, and these continue to be my favorite classes to teach because of the way that they have helped me heal and shift my perspective.

My intention when I teach is to hold space for my students through music, movement, and body awareness so that they can come further into THEIR practice. I’m fascinated by the scientific architecture of yoga and always try to weave that in throughout a creative sequence of asana, pranayama, and hands-on assists.

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