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Max Meditation System is an amazing way to pause, de-stress and rejuvenate. During this time of the year, life gets busier, we start new projects, we spend more time outdoors, and with all this activity it can be especially important to take time to slow down, turn inwards, and relax. Max Meditation System is a great way to do so, taking the time to pause and rejuvenate during this spring season.

Many forms of meditation exist and have been brought to the west. Max Meditation System™ is a full meditation system and combines several types of meditation including deep relaxation, passive, active and guided meditation to create a unique experience which helps you have peace of mind.

This system was created by Dr. Gudni Gudnason after studying with prominent teachers in India and Tibet and receiving his PHD in NLP. He used ancient techniques of Yoga and mind acrobats mixed with modern techniques of psychology and Neuro-Linguistic programming to create Max Meditation System™.

This is for everyone whether you’ve meditated before or not.

Benefits from Max Meditation System™ include:
• Reduce stress and tension
• More happiness and peace of mind
• Strengthen concentration
• Increase creativity
• Enhance energy
• Increase clarity
• Deep relaxation

RSVP is required for this event to get full address.

Please contact Murielle Tugendhaft to RSVP either by Facebook messenger or by phone at (206)-717-4802 or Verla Wade either by FB messenger or by phone at 206-715-7222.

Date & Time: 

  • Wednesday, May 29, 2019
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Cost: Free for your first time attending Max Meditation System™, $10 with a Facebook check in and $20 otherwise.


About the instructor: Murielle Tugendhaft and Verla Wade 

Murielle Tugendhaft


Murielle Tugendhaft is a Certified Teacher, Healer, and Life Activation practitioner in the Lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School. She is the founder of Hineni Healing Light Center and is an Actuary in the Healthcare Industry. 

Murielle Tugendhaft specializes in helping others have more joy and happiness in their lives. She does this by using activations, energy healings, clearings as well as offering classes and meditations from the Lineage of King Salomon. Her hope is to assist others in true transformation, so that they may live their ideal life.


Verla WadeVerla’s background is in human potential development and corporate management before transitioning from the corporate world in 1999. She went on to establish The Living Light Foundation alongside her private healing practice in early 2000. This organization is dedicated to providing pathways to enlightenment through education, healing, and transformation. Verla is also co-founder of the Universal Kabbalah Network as well as a leader within the Modern Mystery School where she serves on the International World Leadership Team as the Chief Officer of Academics.

Verla is trained in the Western Mystery Tradition in the lineage of King Salomon as an advanced initiate, teacher and healer within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. She travels and works world-wide as a teacher and speaker and offers her expertise and services to those ready to step into the next phase of their lives.

A senior International Kabbalah teacher with the Modern Mystery School and a Specialty Teacher for Advanced Kabbalah Teachings, Verla teaches the Universal Kabbalah worldwide. She specializes in assisting individuals and groups with application and integration of the essential principles of Kabbalah (the originating pattern of creation) into their personal life and areas of influence.


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