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Of all the titles we assume, one stands out in its ability to overwhelm other priorities and aspects of our identity, Mom. But the yogi/lover/adventurer/athlete/creator you knew before is still within you, and you do not have to wait until the kids are grown (or even until they grow out of diapers) to rediscover her. Grant yourself an afternoon to let the rest of you rise to the surface. Through yoga asana, meditation, and reflection, recommit to a more holistic vision of yourself, as Mom and so much more.

Date & Time:

  • Saturday, May 2nd
  • From 1:30-3:30pm

Cost: $25


About the instructor: Michelle Chambers 

Yogi. Teacher. Dancer. In love with movement. Spreading joy and gratitude through the physical, mental, and spiritual practice of Yoga.

I have always been in love with movement, using all of my being to express an emotion, an idea, a prayer. I did this through ballet for many years, until my body decided yoga was a better idea. I soon discovered that yoga was therapeutic not only for my aching back and joints, but also for my mind and even my soul. As I grew in my physical practice, I began to explore each asana as a means of expressing the love and gratitude in my heart.
Inspired by this flow of grace, I completed a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Silvia Mordini to share the freedom and joy of movement through the physical, mental, and spiritual practice of Yoga.

Classes are based on a breath-driven Vinyasa flow, moving with grace to cultivate awareness, strength, and harmony of body and mind.

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