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Calder means ‘rocky water’ which sums up the experience of a myofascial workshop: Rolling out the tissues in the body to find the tight spots of tension and release the tension using myofascial release therapy balls.

Myofascial release breaks up adhesions and scar tissue in the body, improves circulation and neuromuscular efficiency, relieves soreness and stress, improves range of motion, and corrects muscle imbalance.

This workshop is ideal for all people, regardless of fitness level, who wish to learn a new technique for dealing with muscle tension, fatigue, or tightness.

Please bring a mat and a water bottle. All other supplies are provided.

Cancellation policy: Refunds allowed, with a 15% service charge, up until 14 days prior to workshop. After, no refunds or account credits allowed.


Date & Time: Dec 07 2019 From: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Cost: $35



About the instructor: Carrie Johnson 

Carrie Johnson Bio

Carrie Johnson is an international blogger + explorer, mala designer + yoga teacher who is known for her thoughtful exploration of mindfulness, culture and physicality.

For over 10 years, Carrie had a successful career in biology and she co-authored five peer-reviewed scientific publications. Now, Carrie infuses her yoga classes with sound, scientific principles as well as experimentation in each yoga sequence she creates for her students.

Carrie has over 300 hours of training in Power Vinyasa. She studied with Lisa Black from Shakti Vinyasa for her 200- hour training and also received her Level One Certification with Baron Baptiste. Carrie is studying Yin Yoga with Leah Adams this summer. Carrie has attended many workshops by Seane Corn, Eoinn Finn, Ana Forrest, Bryan Kest and many other international teachers that has inspired her to constantly improve and push herself and her students to be more mindful in their yoga practice.

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