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The depth and meaning of your yoga practice unfold with consistent practice over time. As you familiarize yourself with the nature of how yoga practice functions in your body, breath, and mind, the experience of the present moment takes on a new meaning and depth.

Situations within the body, health patterns, the environment, our family and collective cultures influence homeostasis in the esoteric human energy system.

This workshop will introduce the foundational concepts of esoteric anatomy as viewed through the seven primary chakras.
Gentle movement

Date & Time: Saturday, June 27th, 2020 @12pm-2 pm

Cost: $30
Please reach out to reserve your place in this workshop: Phone or Text: 206/878-9642

Use this Zoom link or your Zoom App:

Meeting ID: 394502875


About the instructor: Anne Smith Basco

Anne Smith BascoIn 1995 Anne took her first yoga class and hasn’t looked back!
Anne’s teaching draws from a deep commitment to inspirit yoga and meditation practice benefits for all. Her ability to adapt yoga and meditation techniques adds quality to a spectrum of offerings suiting each person’s needs.
The foundation of yoga class lies in accessing the abdominal breath and developing healthy awareness of the spine. Anne’s teaching embodies joint protection, coordination, and balance along with improved awareness of the present moment.

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